New Hires & Applicants

The MSU WorkLife Office meets with final round applicants for faculty and other key positions on campus. New hires or any faculty, academic specialist, support staff or administrator can contact the office for a consultation.

Three people smiling in a meeting, they have coffee, papers, and a laptop.



By building in a 30-minute consultation with final round applicants, they can learn more about MSU, ask questions about family life, and ask questions about the area in a confidential setting. None of the information shared in these meetings is shared with the hiring committee.


These meetings free up time for the FEA’s or HR representatives to focus their time during the hiring process on the college/department/unit information.


These meetings allow the final round applicants to get to know the WorkLife Office so they can reach out if they are offered and accept a position. Many new hires utilize the WorkLife Office to assist with information and referrals regarding their relocation.

Typical Questions

The information shared is about the MSU WorkLife Office’s services, programs, and resources. These meetings allow prospects to learn more about Michigan, MSU, East Lansing, and the surrounding area. Typical questions include:

  • information on MSU fac/staff/leadership statistics 
  • information about children and teens with special needs or interests 
  • school districts 
  • childcare 
  • neighborhoods 
  • housing (both for renting and purchasing homes)
  • referrals to specific places or programs on campus 
  • questions about dual hires 
  • questions about campus culture 
  • information about campus leadership 
  • questions about the friendliness of the community to differing populations (LGBTQIA+ families, BIPOC families, etc.)

New Hires

The MSU WorkLife Office also meets with new hires. They can email: to schedule an appointment. This helps to orient new Spartans to the resources of the WorkLife Office as well as answer any questions or provide resources needed for a smooth transition for new hires and their families.