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The WorkLife team doesn’t just speak the values of a positive workplace that honors the whole person and provides opportunities for growth through encouragement and support — they live this within their team and as a model to other departments. Living their values out loud, and across campus, wherever they are asked to present, participate in workgroups or committees, or plan an event. They lead by example, demonstrating a culture of care for their team and the people they work with across the university. By living the model of a positive workplace, they have influenced a ripple of other people to impact their own departments.

Jaimie Hutchison

hutchj@msu.edu | (517) 884-7315

What makes this team even more exceptional is our commitment to work-life integration and workplace wellbeing. We understand the importance of maintaining a healthy blend between our professional and personal lives, and we actively encourage and support one another in achieving this goal. It’s remarkable to see how each person brings their unique strengths, skills, and perspectives to the table, contributing to the team’s success. I could not be prouder to be a part of this team where every member is valued and respected, and where our shared dedication to excellence shines through in everything we do.

Ebony Lucas

Ebony Lucas profile

lucase@msu.edu | (517) 884-7316

Rachel Perez

Rachel Perez smiling

gonza243@msu.edu | (517) 355-1528

Alaina Charette
Operations Coordinator

Alaina Charette

charet36@msu.edu | (517) 353-1635

Humphrey Fellow

Raneem Asif

Raneem Asif is Chief Controller of Stamps of the Pakistan Post Office Department.  Prior to this new role, she served as the Assistant Postmaster General, where she was responsible for the operations and human resources for the postal circle of Central Punjab, an area comprising over two thousand post offices and over four thousand employees. She has over a decade of work experience in the Pakistan Post Office and has served in a variety of capacities, including life insurance, risk and fraud management, and supervision of financial services. During her Humphrey Fellowship, she intends to learn about change management through case studies, gain practical experience in leadership development, and enhance implementation of HR best practices. Her ultimate goals are to enact improvements in service delivery, engage in capacity building, and successfully implement public policy reforms through human resources.

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics and Statistics – University of the Punjab in Lahore, Punjab 2007
  • Master’s Degree in Banking and Finance – University of the Punjab in Lahore, Punjab 2007
Raneem Asif


Emerson Stehlik

Student Clerical Assistant III

Emerson is a third year student at Michigan State University studying General Business. Emerson will be applying to the Eli Broad School of Business to further her learning within the Business School. Emerson was involved in several community service organizations throughout High School, such as the National Honors Society and Haslett Community Church Youth Group. There, she aided communities with various projects, one being a mission trip to Rockford, Illinois in summer of 2019. Emerson has had experience in retail and customer service, as well as administrative experience with a small plastic recycling business, Michigan Polymer Reclaim, located in St. Johns, Michigan. Emerson also grew up as a competitive dancer at a local dance studio, Greater Lansing Academy of Dance / Premier Dance Company, where she now coaches competitive and recreational dancers. Emerson can be described as a huge people person, very outgoing, and extremely organized.

Katrina Turner

Master in Social Work Intern

Katrina turner (she/her) is a first-year graduate student in the School of Social Work at MSU and is the 2023-2024 graduate Intern for the WorkLife Office. Katrina received her Bachelor’s in English Language, with a minor in Creative Writing and another minor in Gender and Health Studies from University of Michigan Ann Arbor. She is enthusiastic to be in the process of becoming a half Wolverine half Spartan, since she was born and raised in Lansing. Katrina has a passion for bringing balance between Work and Life, as she believes that the two can happily coexist with the proper resources and support.

Katrina is currently undecided on what her future career in social work will look like, as she has interest in fields such as juvenile justice and corporate social work. Eventually, she would like to have her own private practice that specializes in alternate hours therapy for those who work normal business hours and have trouble fitting therapeutic services into their schedules.

In her leisure time, Katrina enjoys  video games, spending quality time with her friends and family, and cuddling her with her cat Maul. Katrina indulges in a variety of hobbies  such as embroidery, crochet, diamond painting, writing, listening to podcasts, and playing D&D. She is talkative, outgoing and loves getting to know new people. Katrina is grateful to be a new addition to the WorkLife Office team.

Ayshe Can

Bachelor in Social Work Intern


Ayshe Can is graduating in April 2024 with a bachelor’s degree in social work with a minor in women and gender studies. She is also on the varsity tennis team here, which has allowed her to work well with others and given her opportunities to rise as a leader both on and off the tennis court. Ayshe loves working with people, which is one of the main reasons she wanted to study social work. She wants to empower others to empower themselves, which she feels is what social work mainly is about. Ayshe is hoping to gain further knowledge on improving her public speaking, communication skills, and networking with faculty and staff. She hopes to give guidance and resources to anyone who is in need, while working with the team at Work Life to ensure they can best help their amazing faculty at MSU maintain a healthy balance of work and their lives. After graduation, Ayshe hopes to get her MSW in Europe, then focus on either international social work or working on getting licensed.


Alyssa Westphall

Research and Projects Intern

Alyssa Westphall is serving as a Research and Project Intern for the WorkLife Office for the 23-24 academic year. She uses she/her pronouns, is 22 years old and in her 4th year here at MSU. Alyssa plans to graduate in Spring 2024 with a BA in Human Capital and Society and minors in data analytics and organizational leadership. She is originally from the Chicago suburbs and finished her last two years of high school in Rockford, MI, graduating from Rockford High School. Alyssa was involved in everything music-related (i.e., choir, marching band, theatre) and has been swimming for most of her life. Her interest in helping others led her to a gap year joining AmeriCorps NCCC, serving in Sacramento, CA, and Sandy, OR. Alyssa plans to use her degree to go into the workplace as an HR representative, helping to create a positive, healthy, and motivated workplace for the employees.

She’s look forward to progressing her skills and knowledge in the WorkLife Office and working with her new team!

Sita Belleville

Research and Projects Intern

Sita Belleville is a senior at Michigan State University. She hopes to complete her bachelor’s with a major in Human Development and Family Studies, with minors in Human Behavior and Social Science, Health Promotion, and Graphic Design.

Sita is involved in several clubs such as Spartans Involved in Community Services and Habitat for Humanity, which work with the environment and provide services in health and wellness. Sita’s community engagement efforts include being part of Deepam; an Indian club, Japan Club, and a Nepalese Association where everyone shares food, plays games, and learns about each other’s cultures. Sita has experience in working with Michigan State University IT Services, where she performed administrative duties.

In her free time, Sita enjoys listening to music, photography, pickleball, painting, and crocheting. She is excited to expand her knowledge of how families operate and hopes to travel to different communities to provide education on emotional and physical health.