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We have recommitted ourselves to building a stronger, more transparent and trustworthy community, through fostering openness, willingness to hear one another’s voices, respect for diverse experiences and support for shared growth. There are conversations happening all over campus about how we want to work together, what kind of community we want to be, and how best to achieve those goals. 
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We understand that backup care is important for your loved ones – children or elders – and want you to choose the right services for your family. Last year, we actively listened to you, and have incorporated some changes to the MSU Backup Dependent Care program. 
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As we move forward in the new year, we are hopeful for the things we want moving forward – whether they’re our dreams or daily moments of joy. The new year brings a sense of empowerment that we can do what we set our mind to - in work and in our personal lives. Take some time today to set the course for the year ahead. 
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The MSU community came together to support several families over the month of December. A need was identified, a message went out over the parent listserv through the MSU WorkLife Office which highlighted the specific needs of the families.  Then the help came rolling in – people began emailing and dropping off items to help these Spartans in need.

Upcoming Events

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MSU supports all of its faculty and staff to connect and navigate multiple roles throughout workplace, career and life transitions.


The WorkLife Office partners with the community to create an inclusive, responsive work environment where all faculty and staff are respected and supported toward well-being in work and personal lives.


Reflecting MSU's values of quality, inclusiveness and connectivity, the WorkLife Office strives for excellence, equity and synergy.



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This WorkLife Guide will help connect you to the breadth of resources available to you on campus and in the community for your work and personal lives. Whether you are a faculty member, support staff, or administrator, your ability to navigate your work and personal lives compatibly will help you be a productive, satisfied, successful, and healthy member of the MSU community.
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This activity guide assists all families in exploring their community and helps them become acquainted with this rich environment. Whether you are an MSU faculty, staff or student or a community member, you will find activity information for people of all ages on campus and in the Greater Lansing area.
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The MSU WorkLife Office newsletter features articles, events and resources that help keep you in touch with information on campus and beyond.

Outstanding Supervisor Award

Web-Homepage-Graphic550.jpg The Outstanding Supervisor Award honors MSU supervisors who have consistently demonstrated work/life sensitivity and support of the professional/personal needs of the employees in their unit. Read more...