MSU supports all of its faculty and staff to connect and navigate multiple roles throughout workplace, career and life transitions.


The WorkLife Office partners with the community to create an inclusive, responsive work environment where all faculty and staff are respected and supported toward well-being in work and personal lives.


Reflecting MSU's values of quality, inclusiveness and connectivity, the WorkLife Office strives for excellence, equity and synergy.


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Leia the golden lab with Haiden
When we asked Spartans what they were doing to stay healthy or connected during the pandemic, pets came up often. Yes, our furry family members have been a really important part of our social distancing, working from home, and have provided companionship.
person at computer looking sad
We heard MSU employees speak clearly during our annual conference: Bullying is a significant issue at MSU.  In a sample poll, 94% of our attendees indicated they have witnessed/experienced workplace bullying on campus.  The WorkPlace Bullying Series is our response to support you.
MSU President Stanley
With so much change to adapt to and so many new things on our plate, it is important to remember that we are worth investing in. Taking care of ourselves and staying connected to others is crucial as we navigate the winter months and our new unique set of circumstances at work and at home. In true Spartan spirit, here are some ways your fellow Spartans are investing in themselves and staying connected with others. You are not alone. 
lady on the couch working on a computer with kids running around
Some parents are finding themselves in challenging situations as COVID-19 cases rise in some areas of Michigan. Schools that previously had in-person classes are switching to virtual, leaving parents scrambling to figure out how to oversee educational instruction and keep their children engaged during the day while they are working.

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Latest Podcast

Guest host Carly Kabel from the MSU College of Arts and Letters discusses the Higher Education Recruitment Consortium with Ian Reynolds, Executive Director, and Maranda Holtsclaw, Michigan Regional Director. After you listen, visit hercjobs.org

"Name It, Aim It, Claim It"

The WorkLife Office team has the privilege of Melissa Staub from the College of Arts and Letters coaching us on StrengthsFinder. Melissa joins us for the first "virtual" edition of the WorkLife Podcast.

"Feeling more like I was in control of the work I was doing"

Erica Venton, Marketing Manager for the Office of the Provost Communications Team, shares some of the new practices she has inserted into her worklife to help her improve her experience.

Latest Webinars

During the first session of this series, attendees learned and discussed the many terms and phrases that apply to workplace bullying. It is important to start with a solid understanding about what workplace bullying is and what it isn't. Now that you know what workplace bullying is, we will teach you some options to address it.

This session will highlight the challenges of fatherhood, and how to overcome them. Participants will leave with the motivation, and knowledge of how to handle and manage the complexities of fatherhood.

IPF Home Improvement Series: What's Changed on Campus?
Join the WorkLife Office and Infrastructure Planning and Facilities (IPF) as we kick off the Home Improvement Series with what improvements have been made on campus since many of us have been working from home for nearly a year!

Our new website (workplace.msu.edu) includes a glossary with definitions of 57 terms and phrases related workplace bullying. This session will give you an overview of those key terms and their respective definitions. This session is intended for staff, faculty, post-docs, and grad students who would like to dive deeper to understand these key terms and phrases and there will be an opportunity for you to ask questions to the WorkLife staff about some of the intricacies of the terminology. Understanding workplace bullying is the first step to addressing it.

Get to know your Spartan colleagues! Our WorkLife Family Series is your chance to log on and learn from your fellow Spartans.

Latest Blog

As people who value strong community and equitable practices, we too condemn the misleading rhetoric and destructive behavior recently seen on Capitol Hill.

WorkLife Office Executive Director Barbara Roberts shares a message to start the new year.

Deb Martinez is Deputy Director of the Office of Institutional Equity (OIE). She has a drastic and positive effect as a supervisor and a leader in the Office of Institutional Equity. Martinez is an asset to MSU, a role-model, and a passionate and developmental member of the OIE team.

The documentary "Out at Work" takes place in the mid-1990s. It focuses on Cheryl Summerville, a cook at a Cracker Barrel restaurant in Georgia, who was fired for "failing to demonstrate normal heterosexual values." At that time, more than 40 states made it legal to fire workers for their sexual orientation. This documentary tells the stories of 3 workers who seek workplace safety, job security and benefits for gay and lesbian workers.

Dr. Julie Libarkin is a professor/advisor for the department of Earth and Environmental Sciences. She is also the Director of the MSU Geocognition Research Lab (GRL), an interdisciplinary lab that focuses on investigating how people perceive, understand, and make decisions about the planet. Libarkin goes above and beyond as a supervisor and mentor. By putting her students first, even if that means sacrificing time dedicated to her scientific contributions as a researcher. Libarkin is so deserving of this award and recognition for several reasons.


Cover of the WorkLife Guide, For MSU Facutly and Staff
This WorkLife Guide will help connect you to the breadth of resources available to you on campus and in the community for your work and personal lives. Whether you are a faculty member, support staff, or administrator, your ability to navigate your work and personal lives compatibly will help you be a productive, satisfied, successful, and healthy member of the MSU community.
Things to Do at MSU cover
This activity guide assists all families in exploring their community and helps them become acquainted with this rich environment. Whether you are an MSU faculty, staff or student or a community member, you will find activity information for people of all ages on campus and in the Greater Lansing area.
Screenshot of the new email newsletter format of WorkLife Connections
The MSU WorkLife Office newsletter features articles, events and resources that help keep you in touch with information on campus and beyond.

Outstanding Supervisor Award

Web-Homepage-Graphic550.jpg The Outstanding Supervisor Award honors MSU supervisors who have consistently demonstrated work/life sensitivity and support of the professional/personal needs of the employees in their unit. Read more...