MSU supports all of its faculty and staff to connect and navigate multiple roles throughout workplace, career and life transitions.


The WorkLife Office partners with the community to create an inclusive, responsive work environment where all faculty and staff are respected and supported toward well-being in work and personal lives.


Reflecting MSU's values of quality, inclusiveness and connectivity, the WorkLife Office strives for excellence, equity and synergy.


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IT APPS leaders pose during "Managing Stress at Work" session
Stress in the workplace is unavoidable, but that doesn’t mean you can’t manage its impact on your life. Recognizing the stressful nature of their work, organizers of the quarterly APPS Leadership Retreat enlisted the help of the MSU WorkLife Office to provide helpful tips on “Managing Stress at Work.”
Clare Luz, associate professor in College of Osteopathic Medicine, spearheaded an international initiative to have MSU designated as an Age-Friendly University.
Two New Awards and Call for Nominations: Starting at the 2020 AgeAlive Forum, Thursday, April 16, Age Alive will be giving out two annual awards recognizing excellence in the field of aging.
PHOTO FROM MSU TODAY: grandparent and child riding bikes on campus
The WorkLife office is pleased to have MSU's campus designated as an Age-Friendly University. This accomplishment reflects the work done that makes the campus a welcoming and inclusive place throughout the life and career span. We are proud of Dr. Luz and WorkLife Office Consultant and Age Alive Leadership Council member Lori Strom, whose work leading AgeAlive has improved campus for our aging population.
The WorkLife Office is partnering with the Academic Advancement Network and Office of International Students and Scholars in an effort to connect internationally minded colleagues across campus. 

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Latest Podcast

"Name It, Aim It, Claim It"

The WorkLife Office team has the privilege of Melissa Staub from the College of Arts and Letters coaching us on StrengthsFinder. Melissa sits down with John Girdwood for the first "virtual" edition of the WorkLife Podcast.

"Feeling more like I was in control of the work I was doing"

Erica Venton, Marketing Manager for the Office of the Provost Communications Team, sits down with John Girdwood. Erica shares some of the new practices she has inserted into her worklife to help her improve her experience.

"I want to be a part of the team to help bring about change..."

Stratton Lee, Phillip Seaborn, and Kevin L. Brooks sit down with Jaimie Hutchison to talk about their roles as IDEA Coordinators at MSU. The MSU Institutional Diversity, Excellence, and Action (IDEA) Coordinators Committee began in the 1990s as a collaborative network of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) officers and advocates from multiple colleges and units. The purpose of the committee is to support and influence college and unit goals related to DEI and serve as a resource for those looking to engage in and advance DEI work at MSU.

Latest Blog

By Barbara Roberts
Working in this medium for hours on end is not good for the health we are trying so hard to preserve! Let’s be intentional about how we pace ourselves, and we will last longer in the end. We are all learning to function in a new medium, which takes energy in terms of attention, concentration, learning in real time while doing, and learning without hands-on, in-person supports.

By Barbara Roberts
A supervisor during my occupational therapy internship in spinal cord rehab taught me, with only a little tongue-in-cheek, that “Position in life is everything...”; that is, the physical position you are in to do any task affects your safety, comfort, endurance and effectiveness for the task. Earlier in life, when learning to use a hammer effectively, instead of whacking the nail at some odd angle, my father taught me to “Get your [backside] behind you.” Good advice when positioning to exert force. Position matters.

By Jaimie Hutchison
Social distancing is the important strategy of physically separating ourselves from one another to avoid the spread of the Coronavirus. Social isolation, on the other hand, is often physically isolating ourselves (which we are doing) AND emotionally isolating ourselves, which we cannot afford to do.

By Barbara Roberts, Executive Director, WorkLife

In my long career working with how people participate in higher education and professional settings, I have had the joy of being in meetings where information is shared in many ways simultaneously. I have attended conferences, run by students, where there is simultaneous French/English translation, American Sign Language interpretation, Braille and large print copies of slides and hand-outs, all happening seamlessly over the heads of service animals quietly lying beside their companions. I have presented to the United Nations where the headphones and microphones are filled with different languages and cultural nuances, and where the pace of the meeting is nonetheless productive, respectful and creative.

By Barbara Roberts, WorkLife Office Executive Director

When we take our daily work into an online venue, whether Zoom, WebEx, Skype or discussion spaces, we need to remember it’s nonetheless a work setting. While we might still wear our fuzzy slippers no one can see, it’s important to remember that we need to maintain business decorum in our dress, manners, and comments. Here are some pointers to keep in mind to make your new work setting as professional, productive and personally respectable as possible. Let’s reflect on our ethics, and then look at some tips for effective participation.


Cover of the WorkLife Guide, For MSU Facutly and Staff
This WorkLife Guide will help connect you to the breadth of resources available to you on campus and in the community for your work and personal lives. Whether you are a faculty member, support staff, or administrator, your ability to navigate your work and personal lives compatibly will help you be a productive, satisfied, successful, and healthy member of the MSU community.
Things to Do at MSU cover
This activity guide assists all families in exploring their community and helps them become acquainted with this rich environment. Whether you are an MSU faculty, staff or student or a community member, you will find activity information for people of all ages on campus and in the Greater Lansing area.
Screenshot of the new email newsletter format of WorkLife Connections
The MSU WorkLife Office newsletter features articles, events and resources that help keep you in touch with information on campus and beyond.

Outstanding Supervisor Award

Web-Homepage-Graphic550.jpg The Outstanding Supervisor Award honors MSU supervisors who have consistently demonstrated work/life sensitivity and support of the professional/personal needs of the employees in their unit. Read more...