WorkLife Eldercare Services

Are you responsible for the care or support of an elder loved one?  Whether or not they live in your home, you may be responsible for the health and financial affairs of a parent, grandparent, spouse or domestic partner. MSU understands this can be very stressful. Finding appropriate resources and information can help to reduce the stress of caregiving. There is help. The MSU WorkLife Office can provide you with information, consultation, and resources to support you and your family.

For a quick overview of eldercare services, you can download our “Eldercare Support Services” information sheet.

Available Services

  • Consultation and personal support
  • Information and referral
  • Email listserv to connect to others
  • Adult Caregivers Employee Resource Group to connect to others
  • Connection to resources for elders living near campus
  • Connection to resources for long-distance caregivers
  • Brown Bag: Perspectives on Aging Series—Free classes held over the lunch hour
  • MSU Backup Dependent Care – if your dependent elder’s care falls through, this backup care solution can help


What exactly is a consultation and how can it help? A consultation is a meeting with a professional in order to seek advice, information or referrals. You can think about it as the WorkLife Office staff helping to answer your questions and assisting you and your family members to find the resources and solutions that will work best for you! During consultations, we can provide resources and referrals on eldercare.

Eldercare is a topic growing in demand as people are navigating the care needs of their parents, such as the transitioning of living situations, legal and practical information to have in case of an emergency, how to talk to one’s parents about their changing needs, dementia, Alzheimer’s, and so much more.

Consultation Topics:

  • Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, long-term care insurance, prescription drug coverage
  • Alzheimer’s Disease and related dementias
  • Respite, home health, nursing care, senior centers, independent apartments, assisted living facilities, retirement centers, adult day health services
  • Home delivered meals/nutrition, transportation, homemaker services
  • Crisis, legal, and tax services
  • Geriatric assessment, mental health services, caregiver support

Contact the WorkLife Office at (517) 353-1635 or to set up an individual consultation. You can also fill out our consultation request form.

Helpful Webinars

Adult Caregivers Employee Resource Group - A Caregivers Guide to Grieving

Caring for someone who has a terminal illness or is in hospice can be a complicated experience. While there is not one instruction manual that fits everyone’s unique experience of grieving while caring for a loved one, there are some common themes and frameworks that can be helpful to consider while you are on your personal caregiving journey. This session discusses the landmark stages of grief, the various ways people journey through these stages, and how increasing your emotional resilience and psychological flexibility can ease the strain of caregiving.

Adult Caregivers Employee Resource Group - Respite Care

A place for Spartans to connect on adult caregiving/eldercare topics with the goal of connecting, building community and sharing best practices regarding adult/elder caregiving and the importance of caring for the caregivers.

This session discusses respite care and what it is, how it works, the typical associated costs, and also how it can help caregivers.

Hiring Household Employees and Various Tax Responsibilities

Learn some of the overall ins and outs of hiring a household employee including:

  • Definition of household employee and filing/reporting threshold
  • Applying for an Employer Identification Number with the IRS
  • Registering with the State of Michigan
  • Routine forms to file
  • Other considerations/questions

Helpful Articles

You can count on the WorkLife Office to assist you and to make your time at MSU the best it can be.

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