Year in Review

The WorkLife Office partners with the community to create an inclusive, responsive work environment where all faculty and staff are respected and supported toward well-being in work and personal lives.

MSU WorkLife Office operations are mission-driven and we are in a unique position within the institution because we are members of the group we serve.

Part of the WorkLife Office mission is to serve all faculty and staff – not just some faculty and staff. We know that it will take time to build a program that serves all faculty and staff, so it is important for us to monitor trends year after year. We want to ensure we are serving more faculty and staff than last year, and we want to do that equitably. This means that we need to offer inclusive programming.

We perform continuous quality improvement (CQI). We do our best throughout the year and constantly reflect on our performance so that we can identify gaps in our services. When we identify a gap, we do our best to respond to any emerging needs by creating new programmatic components. In other words, we avoid the status quo. We learn as we go and we know there is more work to do this year and next. Our annual reports help us see what we’ve accomplished, where we’ve been, and reflect on our impact. Progress is good, but it doesn’t stop at the end of each year.

We keep moving forward because we know there are more faculty and staff we can serve. There are newly emerging topics we need to research. There are work life issues we must respond to with support and resources. Looking in our rearview mirror is fine for a moment, but we know the future is in front of us.

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