MSU supports all of its faculty and staff to connect and navigate multiple roles throughout workplace, career and life transitions.


The WorkLife Office partners with the community to create an inclusive, responsive work environment where all faculty and staff are respected and supported toward well-being in work and personal lives.


Reflecting MSU's values of quality, inclusiveness and connectivity, the WorkLife Office strives for excellence, equity and synergy.


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Maranda Holtsclaw
Maranda Holtsclaw, Director of Michigan Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (HERC) is now co-chair of National HERC’s Dual Career Committee. The purpose of the Dual Career Committee is to advance HERC’s dual career mission and dual career value to HERC’s member institutions.
WorkLife student team standing outside of Linton Hall
Our student team is made up of incredible contributors to the WorkLife Office and the MSU community. We are so grateful to have worked with each of them.
person gesturing with their hands while sitting on a chair
Personal wellbeing has come into the spotlight more and more in recent years. Finding the experts to support your journey is critical. The goal of this process is for you to end up working with someone you feel comfortable with who is well-equipped to support you. Just like with any relationship, some clinicians are a good fit for some clients, and some aren't. Every clinician has a different set of experiences and abilities, and they are ethically bound to only work with clients they can support effectively.
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The WorkLife Office was very fortunate to talk recently with Anne Bishop Shoup, Associate Vice President of University Advancement at MSU, about her 13.5 plus years of sobriety.  Anne declared her recovery publicly for the first time with an article she posted to her LinkedIn profile in December 2021.

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Latest Podcast

Guest host Carly Kabel from the MSU College of Arts and Letters discusses the Higher Education Recruitment Consortium with Ian Reynolds, Executive Director, and Maranda Holtsclaw, Michigan Regional Director. After you listen, visit hercjobs.org

"Name It, Aim It, Claim It"

The WorkLife Office team has the privilege of Melissa Staub from the College of Arts and Letters coaching us on StrengthsFinder. Melissa joins us for the first "virtual" edition of the WorkLife Podcast.

"Feeling more like I was in control of the work I was doing"

Erica Venton, Marketing Manager for the Office of the Provost Communications Team, shares some of the new practices she has inserted into her worklife to help her improve her experience.

Latest Webinars

Learning Objectives:
-Participants will learn effective communication strategies to use when speaking with children and teens about divorce.
-Participants will learn to consider a child’s developmental stage to tailor language that is age-appropriate, as well as allowing the child to lead aspects of the conversation to allow for developmentally appropriate discussion.
-Participants will consider their own role in the child’s environment and learn more about what they can do to foster a healthy and safe home for their child.
-Participants will consider any emotional or psychological baggage that might be impacting the home environment, and to consider addressing that individually as another way to support their children.

In this session, participants gain a deeper understanding of basic brain functioning of the client with Cognitive Impairment/Alzheimer’s Disease. How to successfully navigate the journey of your new role assignment as caregiver; how to decrease burn out and ways to handle the various moods that may occur. This session also discusses ways to handle the progression of the disease, and what to expect over the long haul.

Learning Objectives:
1. Understand the basic brain functioning of individuals with Cognitive Impairment/Alzheimer’s Disease.
2. Understand how to navigate becoming a caregiver.
3. Understand how to navigate the various moods and feelings that come with being a caregiver.

When we are in proximity to people who have differing identities, lived experiences, and cultural understandings from our own, building meaningful and supportive connections can feel beyond our reach. In this session, we'll use Transforming Theatre Ensemble scenarios focused on a fictional relationship between a staff person and a student who have different understandings and experiences around gender.

Are you beginning to plan college visits for your prospective high school graduate? Are you seeking guidance on how to navigate the landscape of nearly 4,000 degree-granting postsecondary institutions in the United States? With nearly 30 years of college admissions experience between them, Christina Carr and Terence Brown provide information they hope will reduce the stress often associated with a student’s college search process. Please enjoy this webinar.

Watch this informative webinar, presented by the WorkLife Office and Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (HERC).

Do you feel stuck where you are now in your career in higher ed? In this webinar, we review the current higher education job market and share four strategies for moving up in your career, including concrete steps that you can take. We’ll also discuss how to assess if an institution is committed to internal advancement.

Learn more about HERC: https://worklife.msu.edu/introduction-to-herc

Latest Blog

It was with deep sadness and disappointment that I learned of the defacing of The Rock during Pride Month recently. When I came to MSU and learned of the traditions surrounding The Rock, it seemed like a great community-centered forum for expression, an interesting focal point on campus for ideas and engagement. It seemed to be a place for positive expression, where ideas can be expressed safely, without fear of defamation.

Starting with a news story from the BBC, we unpack the pressures of work and how they intersect with personal identities.

The WorLife Office is a strong advocate for support for Spartans who are caregivers - faculty, staff and students all benefit from the backup dependent care program, for example.  We appreciate the struggles, we see the challenges, and we are here for you.

As people who value strong community and equitable practices, we too condemn the misleading rhetoric and destructive behavior recently seen on Capitol Hill.

WorkLife Office Executive Director Barbara Roberts shares a message to start the new year.


Cover of the WorkLife Guide, For MSU Facutly and Staff
This WorkLife Guide will help connect you to the breadth of resources available to you on campus and in the community for your work and personal lives. Whether you are a faculty member, support staff, or administrator, your ability to navigate your work and personal lives compatibly will help you be a productive, satisfied, successful, and healthy member of the MSU community.
Things to Do at MSU cover
This activity guide assists all families in exploring their community and helps them become acquainted with this rich environment. Whether you are an MSU faculty, staff or student or a community member, you will find activity information for people of all ages on campus and in the Greater Lansing area.
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The MSU WorkLife Office newsletter features articles, events and resources that help keep you in touch with information on campus and beyond.

Outstanding Supervisor Award

Web-Homepage-Graphic550.jpg The Outstanding Supervisor Award honors MSU supervisors who have consistently demonstrated work/life sensitivity and support of the professional/personal needs of the employees in their unit. Read more...