Instructions for Developing a Flexible Work Arrangement

An employee may be ready to propose a flexible work arrangement, but they're not sure how to begin the process. Below are some tools to help an employee develop a proposal:


As you fill out these worksheets, you should consider:

  • What elements of the job can be performed off-site? Which cannot?
  •  Where will the work be conducted?
  •  What tools, equipment and technology are needed for work to be completed?
  •   Have arrangements been made for dependent care?
  •   How will privacy requirements be met? How will computer software, hardware, databases and other technology be secured and protected from use by other individuals?
  •  How do you intend to resolve any obstacles that arise as a result of your flexible work schedule?
  •  List all goals, work assignments, metrics and/or other issues that will require consideration or change if the Flexible Work request is approved.


Union Considerations for Flexible Scheduling - It is recommended that overtime be avoided when implementing a flexible schedule.