Flexible Supervisor Contact Information

For those interested in talking to another supervisor about their experiences with flexible scheduling, below are several of the past Outstanding Supervisor Award winners who are happy to talk with you! 

If you would like the WorkLife Office staff to set-up an introductory meeting with an Outstanding Supervisor, you can contact the office by email at worklife@msu.edu or by phone at (517) 353-1635. 

Name Department Email
Burton Bargerstock University Outreach and Engagement bargerst@msu.edu
Dan Bollman Infrastructure, Planning & Facilities dbollman@ipf.msu.edu
Ken Crowell Infrastructure, Planning & Facilities kecrowell@ipf.msu.edu
Don Donagrandi Residential & Hospitality Services donagran@msu.edu
Lynette Forman DPPS - Parking forman@police.msu.edu
Chris Hanna Human Resources hanna@hr.msu.edu
Ann Hoffman Communication, Arts & Sciences hoffman5@msu.edu
Michael Hudson Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities mjh@msu.edu
Dennis Martell Olin Student Health Center martell1@msu.edu
Joan Predko - Retired Virtual University predko@msu.edu
Cheryl Sisk Neuroscience-Psychology sisk@msu.edu
Mary Thiel Rehabilitation Medicine Clinic thielm@msu.edu