Flexible Work Arrangements at MSU

As of 8/12/21 these guidelines are what are being used to address remote work, however a remote work policy is under development which will provide further guidance.

Flexible work arrangements can be a win-win situation for both departments and employees. They can be a useful method to maintain unit service while supporting the personal needs of employees. Over 70% of all businesses offer flexible scheduling as an important factor. 1

How to Decide who Returns to Work: Who vs What

The WorkLife Office is working in concert with return to campus committees to help us figure out how to know what work must be done on campus, and what work might be done remotely, which will help identify who needs to return, how much and why.

Learn about the decision-making protocol used in other settings and how we might apply this idea to returning to campus.

Schedule Flexibility

Studies show that work schedule flexibility can yield many benefits, including increased productivity, improved morale, decreased absences and turnover, and improved work quality. Flexible scheduling reduces stress and healthcare costs and creates an environment where employees are more satisfied with their jobs and lives. 2

Flexible work schedules at MSU entail arrangements between a supervisor and employee that allow the employee to complete their employment duties while working nontraditional schedules.

This site was developed as an easy-to-use resource for employees and supervisors when considering flexible work arrangements. The site explains what flexible schedules are, the different types of options, instructions for developing an arrangement, and much more!

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Remote Work in Action

Click here for presentation slides and click here for handout (Requires MSU NetID)

If you'd like to talk about flex work arrangements, please contact worklife@msu.edu or complete our online form (link) and select "Request a Workshop."

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