WorkLife Office Conferences

The WorkLife Office hosts a regular conference to pull together speakers, resources and discussions to educate and empower faculty and staff across campus.

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2021 WorkLife Conference: Well-being at Work

October 21, 2021 - Free Online Conference 

Join us virtually for the Well-being at Work Conference on October 21, 2021. Explore the questions that have surfaced the ranks of faculty and staff, supervisors and leaders, focusing on how to create and maintain healthier, happier, workspaces and teams. Well-being at work is important. It honors each employee as a complete person both inside and outside of work. It provides shared knowledge about workplace culture and practices that attract people to work at MSU and keep them here. 

  • Learn new tools
  • Hear from experts in the field
  • Connect with colleagues
  • Set goals to improve well-being at work for both you and the people around you


2020 WorkLife Conference: Toward a Respectful Workplace

2020 worklife conference theme Toward a Respectful Workplace

October 20, 2020 - Free Online Conference
Learn new tools and resources that can contribute to a positive work environment at Michigan State University.  Join us at the 2020 WorkLife Conference. 

Toxic work environments, including instances of bullying and incivility, are highly prevalent in higher education.  Workplace climate and culture, at an institutional level, can affect the lived experience of individual employees.Levels of safety and trust vary, resulting in different work environments within the same institution.  This conference will address bullying, incivility in the workplace, and bystander intervention.

Breakout Sessions:

  • Filling the space: Integrative responding to academic bullying in higher education
    Presenter: Morteza Mahmoudi, Department of Radiology and Precision Health Program
  • Incivility in the workplace: Combating toxicity and improving workplace climate
    Presenters: Ann Marie Ryan and Jo Alanis, Psychology Department
  • When “I just didn’t know what to say” isn’t enough: Bystander Training for Bullying
    Presenter: Claudia Finkelstein, College of Human Medicine

Learn more and watch replay of the sessions

Discover more resources for respectful workplace on the Toward a Respectful Workplace website

2019 WorkLife Conference: Strengthening Community Together

2019 workalike office conference poster with image of Sharon Britt Freiss

October 8, 2019 - The WorkLife Office hosts a regular conference to pull together speakers, resources and discussions to educate and empower faculty and staff across campus. This year’s theme will be, Strengthening Community Together, with keynote Dr. Sharon Fries-Britt, faculty member at the University of Maryland, College Park. This conference is open to the MSU community and the goal is to learn how we can use our strengths to make MSU a stronger community.

2018 WorkLife Conference: Building Community in a Culture of Change: 3rd Annual WorkLife Conference

2018 Building Community in a Culture of Change flyer

2017 WorkLife Conference: The Changing World of Work


2016 WorkLife Conference: Honoring your Work and Personal Lives


April 2016 Symposium: Academic Work Life Compatibility: The New University WorkLife Office