WLO Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee of the WorkLife Office acts as a resource for gathering, assessing and prioritizing work-life considerations of faculty and staff. The Committee provides a venue for informing and guiding the priorities and directions of WorkLife initiatives, and assists with disseminating information and policy directions. Promoting the well-being of faculty and staff through recognition of wide-ranging needs and employer engagement in a well-rounded work experience is a key responsibility of the Advisory Committee.

Committee Members

Ann Austin, College of Education - Research Administration

Ann Marie Ryan, College of Social Science

Antonio (Tony) Nunez, Graduate School 

Cheryl Sisk, College of Natural Science

Christopher Long, College of Arts and Letters

David Weismantel, University Physician

Eunice Foster, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Jennifer Roberts, Residential and Hospitality Services

Jessica Nakfour, MSU Extension

Marilyn Amey, Academic Advancement Network

Melissa Del Rio, Graduate School 

Renee Rivard, Human Resources

Susan Ewart, College of Veterinary Medicine

William Donohue, Communications

Ex Officio Members

Barbara Roberts, Executive Director

Jaimie Hutchison, Family and Life Span Coordinator

Maranda Holtsclaw, Consortium Coordinator

Tiana Carter, Office Manager

Contact the Committee

We welcome you to contact the committee.  You might first want to contact Barbara Roberts directly at blr@msu.edu or you can send an email to the WorkLife Office at worklife@msu.edu  Feel free to contact any committee individually if you have a specific question that might relate to that individual's department or role on the committee.  You can look up all committee members using MSU People Search or Spartan365.