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Resilient Fathers: Thriving in the Midst of a Pandemic: Overcoming the Pressures of Fatherhood

This session will highlight the challenges of fatherhood, and how to overcome them. Participants will leave with the motivation, and knowledge of how to handle and manage the complexities of fatherhood.

Approaches to Address Workplace Bullying

During the first session of this series, attendees learned and discussed the many terms and phrases that apply to workplace bullying. It is important to start with a solid understanding about what workplace bullying is and what it isn't. Now that you know what workplace bullying is, we will teach you some options to address it.

Kick Off! IPF Home Improvement Series: What's Changed on Campus?

IPF Home Improvement Series: What's Changed on Campus?
Join the WorkLife Office and Infrastructure Planning and Facilities (IPF) as we kick off the Home Improvement Series with what improvements have been made on campus since many of us have been working from home for nearly a year!

Defining and Identifying Workplace Bullying

Our new website ( includes a glossary with definitions of 57 terms and phrases related workplace bullying. This session will give you an overview of those key terms and their respective definitions. This session is intended for staff, faculty, post-docs, and grad students who would like to dive deeper to understand these key terms and phrases and there will be an opportunity for you to ask questions to the WorkLife staff about some of the intricacies of the terminology. Understanding workplace bullying is the first step to addressing it.

Learn about Native Families

Get to know your Spartan colleagues! Our WorkLife Family Series is your chance to log on and learn from your fellow Spartans.

Resilient Fathers: Thriving in the Midst of a Pandemic: Healing as a Father

Topic: Healing as a Father; this presentation will assist fathers in identifying areas of healing, and how healing will help fathers unleash the greatest father that already lies within them. This presentation will not only provide information, but also allow for fathers to have a safe space to discuss the topic of healing as fathers and as men.

Resilient Fathers: Thriving in the Midst of a Pandemic: Fathers and Difficult Conversations about RACE

This presentation is aimed to educate on Race while promoting Culture and Ethnicity.  Erasing the myths and cliches and uplifting what's real.

Multiracial and Multicultural Families

Multiracial and Multicultural Families

Resilient Fathers: Thriving in the Midst of a Pandemic: Being an Emotionally Responsive Dad: Good for your Kids, Good for You!

Speaker: Jon Novello, MSU Employee Assistance Program

Dad’s make a difference in the lives of their kids.  We know this is absolutely true, dads can contribute to providing the necessary structure and stability that kids need.  We also now know that when men are emotionally tuned in to their kids, children thrive!   And you know what else?  Being an emotionally responsive father is really, really good for the health of the dad, too!  Unfortunately, so many men have been discouraged from experiencing a full range of emotions, and as a result they may feel uncomfortable being emotionally open.  Join Jon Novello, counselor at MSU’s Employee Assistance Program, as he shares the ways that dads are so critical to the development of their children, and outlines what it really means to be an emotionally responsive dad.

Asian Families

Listen and Learn about Asian Families from your MSU colleagues

Welcome to MSU!

This webinar is geared toward newcomers at MSU. MSU is a large place and the MSU WorkLife Office is here to help you navigate it! This video is an introduction about things to do at MSU, and in the greater community. Welcome to MSU, and reach out to the MSU WLO if there is anything we can do to help you during your transition.

African American Families

African American Families - Panel Discussion

Resilient Fathers: Thriving in the Midst of a Pandemic - Keeping Our Kids Safe Online

Our children today are constantly connected to an online world, in ways that we, as adults, typically weren’t as kids. As such, we don’t necessarily have a strong grasp on the realities and risks of being embedded in a digital environment. Join us for a discussion on how we can enable our children to become good digital citizens and help secure their futures.

Learning Objective #1: Parents/caregivers will gain an understanding of the source of dangers to their children online.

Learning Object #2: Parents/caregivers will learn strategies for keeping their kids safe in today’s connected world.

Chicano/Latino Families

Chicano/Latino Families

A Glimpse Into a "Learning Pod"

Have you heard of learning pods? Have you considered setting one up for your children? The WorkLife Office and a few of our colleagues from the College of Communication Arts and Sciences discover what learning pods are and for a glimpse inside the learning pod they have established together.  Learn how they got it started, how to set one up for yourself and gather some tips for success! 

WNA: Managing Emotional Overload (Lisa Laughman)

Learning Objectives:
-Consider family and dominant cultural rules that inhibit healthy emotional expression
-Learn strategies for honoring and processing the full range of human emotions
-Understand the dangers of emotional suppression, experiential avoidance, emotional dysregualtion, and shaming practices around emotions
-Explore healthy emotional expression in the context of a larger framework for resilience: acknowledge, honor, release, relax, reflect, resolve.

Resilient Fathers: Thriving in the Midst of a Pandemic: The Coach, The Mentor, The Friend: Dad tools for effective conversations

The aim for this session is to foster thinking processes that fathers can use to make stronger family connections in a relaxed but informative interactive session.


The goal is to share tool that fathers can use to frame their own thinking and conversation goals to help their children live their best lives.

Outcomes: In this session participants will learn:

1. Three cognitive behavioral approaches for productive conversations with children and spouses.

2. A deeper understanding of connection and the different roles fathers can play in their children’s lives.

3. How to help children focus on goals and values to establish trust and encourage stronger communication.

WorkLife Annual Conference: Toward a Positive Work Environment

Toxic work environments, including instances of bullying and incivility, are highly prevalent in higher education.  Workplace climate and culture, at an institutional level, can affect the lived experience of individual employees.  Levels of safety and trust vary, resulting in different work environments within the same institution. This conference will address bullying, incivility in the workplace, and bystander intervention.

Remote Work Strategies in Action

This presentation is designed to provide insight on common issues surrounding remote work while additionally highlighting practical tools and sharing relevant experience as both a supervisor and a staff member.

Learning Objectives:
Answers to common questions and how to address stereotypes about remote work
How to develop an effective remote work plan that works for supervisors, employees, and the University.
Methods for tracking productivity in a remote work scenario
How to build trust as a supervisor and an employee in a remote environment

Resilient Fathers: Thriving in the Midst of a Pandemic: Fatherhood and Work-Life Balance

Speakers: Jaimie Hutchison, Deputy Director with MSU WorkLife Office and Wayne Hutchison, MBA Program

Jaimie Hutchison from the MSU WorkLife Office presents on Work-Life fit. In our fast-paced world, what is the secret to balancing all of our responsibilities? Well, there is no secret or fix-all answer, but there are strategies and tactics for helping to manage it all. In this interactive session, learn tips for striking a "balance" that works for you and your unique blend of responsibilities.

Religious Diversity in the Workplace

This is a very important webinar to support diversity at MSU and your interest is key to that goal. Panelists will be asked to speak to the religious experience of Spartans and others in the community so that we can learn from each other. That's the main goal: Learn from and with each other. Some general topics may include prayer schedules, holidays, locations to places of worship, and other cultural elements (norms, beliefs, values) that intersect with work.

Movement and Wellness Resources for Fall 2020

This presentation will explore wellness resources and opportunities available to the MSU community. There are many chances to engage in programming this fall, and to feel connected to campus no matter where you are. Learn about the MSU units and programs that work to support Spartan health and wellbeing. We will also discuss SMART Goal setting, and complete our own goals sheets. Finally, we’ll take a look ahead to upcoming wellness program opportunities, like the Workplace Walking Challenge. October is both Sustainability Month and Exercise is Medicine Month, so consider taking up a new healthy habit this fall.

Resilient Fathers: Thriving in the Midst of a Pandemic: Kick Off! Family Reloaded

Resilient Fathers: Thriving in the Midst of a Pandemic
Families, businesses, and lives are destroyed in the name of "I'm Doing This For Us". Learn how to build a fail proof family and rebuild what was broken.

Multigenerational Families and Kinship Care

The Kinship Care Resource Center (KCRC) is a non-profit organization through the School of Social Work at Michigan State University that serves kinship families across the state of Michigan. Kinship care is the full time care, nurturing and protection of children by relatives, members of their tribes or clans, godparents, stepparents, or any adult who has a kinship bond with a child (Child Welfare League of America, 2011).
Presented by: Tracey DeFeyter, Navigator, Kinship Care Resource Center, MSU School of Social Work

WNA: Leadership and Being a Person of Influence ​

Women's Networking Association and Women of Color Community
State Representative, Sarah Anthony: Leadership and Being a Person of Influence ​