Women’s Networking Association presents “Managing Difficult Conversations or Situations at Work”

Date: October 11, 2023

What if one act of courage, having a difficult conversation, could change your day, your relationships, and your workplace?  What if one difficult conversation could restore your self-confidence, reduce your stress, and increase your understanding of the people you spend the most time with?  Are you willing to give up the comfort of complaining about the actions and decisions of others; risk feeling tongue-tied, learning you were wrong, and being thought of as “too” anything?  What if you decided to finally use the power that’s been yours all along to fill that gap between what you would like and what you are getting, with one conversation? 

In this session you will learn how to recognize when you need to have a conversation, and how to make sure your heart and head are consulted before you take action. Participants will also learn how to prepare for and hold a conversation, and why the most productive conversations don’t include “fixing” anything.  Finally, participants will learn several behaviors that can help build a culture that takes the perceived risk out of holding difficult conversations.