How to decide on return to work: who vs. what Part 2

Date: 7/1/20

WorkLife Daily Coffee Conversations

WorkLife Live Daily Chats (10 – 11a.m.) – Join the WorkLife team including Jaimie Hutchison, Barbara Roberts, Maranda Holtsclaw, Tiana Carter, and your colleagues across the university as we connect with each other to offer support and guidance about WorkLife issues during this unique time.  Open to all staff, faculty, and post-docs.  Topics include family care, working from home, remaining connected, staying healthy, and supporting you!

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Presented by: Barbara Roberts, Director of WorkLife Office

This follow-up session will apply strategy to real-life workplace scenarios.  Join Dr. Barbara Roberts as she follows up on the June 24 webinar. This Part 2 will apply the questions previously proposed to real case scenarios. Suggestions may be submitted in advance to