2023 WorkLife Conference – Welcome & Keynote

Date: October 26, 2023



Work and Leadership in a Post-Pandemic World: The Unique Challenges of Higher Education

Although it is generally acknowledged that people are the single most important component of an organization’s success, leaders often struggle with how to best manage their workforce. This is particularly true when many leadership approaches are rooted in an “old school” philosophy and the world continues to change. In this presentation, Eli Broad Professor of Management Dr. Frederick Morgeson will draw from his 30 years of experience as one of the most prolific and highly cited scholars in the world, an award-winning educator, and an active organizational consultant to discuss the fundamental ways in which the modern workplace has changed, the unique challenges facing universities, and the dangers of not adapting to the new reality. In doing so, he highlights the changes that have occurred and discusses “old school” leadership approaches that might be damaging your team, department, or organization. The presentation closes with practical solutions about how to adapt in the post-pandemic world.

Video Timestamps

0:00      Welcome by Jaimie Hutchison, Director of the WorkLife Office
3:00       Welcome by Dr. Alexis Travis
10:32      Welcome Videos
20:45     Keynote Introduction
24:55      Keynote by Dr. Frederick Morgeson
1:15:49    Presentation Wrap Up