Outstanding Supervisor Series: Dr. Kelly Millenbah

Honorable, kind, flexible, and inclusive are some of the character qualities used to describe Dr. Kelly Millenbah and her management style.

“Kelly isn’t afraid to be real with people – and, as someone who feels the same way, this is incredibly humanizing. We’re taught – especially as women – not to cry at work or be angry or emotional. I’ve done all three in the confines of her office – about work issues, and I know she understands.

Outstanding Supervisor Series: Deb Martinez

Positive, thoughtful, authentic, and engaging. These are just some of the character qualities that have been used to describe Deb Martinez and her supervising style.

This award recognizes individuals with a positive leadership style that empowers others, which is observed in how Martinez has coached individuals. Martinez is relentlessly positive, while still giving herself and others grace when a day gets someone down.

Out at Work

Out at Work

This movie is 56 minutes long, so it is perfect to watch during your lunch break.  It was made in 1996 but the version on Kanopy has been updated because some of the information has changed since the film was made.  For example, when the film was made more than 40 states made it legal to fire workers for their sexual orientation but by 2009, 31 states had enacted policies that protect against discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Applying key questions to what work comes back to campus - an APA example

As we consider how to decide what work must be done on campus, and what work can continue to be done remotely, we have two key principles guiding us from the outset. President Stanley has charged us with putting the health and safety of our people first, and continuing to work remotely if at all possible [date].  So there’s the challenge - what work is possible to do remotely, or not, and how do we define and decide that?