Take Your Child to Work Day: FAQ

How do you participate?

Release time is based on supervisor’s discretion. Some employees take time off, others are provided release time. Each supervisor has discretion based on the needs of the organization. Take Your Child to Work Day has morning and afternoon sessions, you can come to one or all of them based on your situation.

How do we get from site to site?
Thirty minutes is built in between activities to get to the next activity. Some people park and walk, while strategically scheduling their visits. Others use the CATA (complementary to faculty and staff, there is a fee for guests) to get around main campus. Some drive to the off campus animal sites and then do on campus and try their hand at parking. If you need help finding locations, https://maps.msu.edu/interactive/index.php this interactive map will give you driving or walking directions.

Do we have to register?

You only have to register in advance for the Power Plant tour. Other than that, you just show up at your first site and go from there, no registration needed.
Advanced notice: a 1:30 p.m. tour of the Power Plant requires an RSVP by April 22 to Mary Schwalm at (517) 884-7102 or schwalm@msu.edu.

What type of activities can we expect?

The goal is for youth to envision their future, so many sites have hands on activities, tours, and activities for youth to learn about different career fields. The descriptions will tell you about the activities and will be released soon. There is everything from sports, to science, to creative opportunities to explore.

Should we attend the recognition ceremony?
The first 50-100 youth that arrive to the recognition ceremony will receive a bag with giveaways in it. Sparty will be there to take pictures with and for each youth that attends, they can enter a drawing for additional giveaways. Each youth will be recognized.

What about the open lunch time?
You can attend a dining hall or walk to Grand River. Lunch is on your own, but there are many food options both on campus and off. I suggest taking them to a dining hall. Find out more about fees and menus at eatatsate.msu.edu

What age children can participate?
All children are welcome, though some activities are created for youth age 8-16. With that said, we trust your discretion. All ages would love visiting cows or horses or participating in free ice skating, we won’t turn anyone away. We trust their parent or caregiver to make the decision on if it would be good for the child they are bringing.