Returning Work to Campus (COVID-19)

Decision Making Guide

The HR reopening subcommittee is one of 21 subcommittees charged with developing plans and recommendations for safety bringing Spartans back to campus this Fall. This specific committee was asked to ‘develop a return to on-premise activity plan that strives to maximize the effectiveness of staff and faculty.’  As such, the subcommittee created a Decision-Making Guide for Returning Work to Campus. Find additional guidance in individual decision-making for returning employees to campus here.  The following webinars were held that can further guide supervisors with application.

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Pledge to the Community - optional

  • Join and show your support for the wellbeing of the entire MSU community by signing the Pledge of Commitment to Community, that honors everyone’s unique needs and strategies at this challenging time.

Campus-wide health screening form - optional

  • This electronic form is an effort to help with contact tracing should employees go to campus. Once completed, an email will be returned to the employee and supervisor of record.

MSU community compact - optional

  • All employees must read and adhere to the information contained within.  Some departments may require a signature to be placed in an employee file and/or electronic confirmation of adherence.

Return to Work Framework - optional

  • This is an optional document unique to each departments and/or MAU in an effort to help employees understand expectations. Some units may not have created this yet as the majority of employees within the department may be continuing to work from home. Check with your department for further guidance.

Wearing face coverings on campus - optional

  • Face coverings are no longer required indoors or outdoors, except for healthcare settings, regardless of vaccination status. For FAQ's on health and safety, see HR's Returning to On-Site Work webpage. 

COVID-19 Training - optional

  • See your department for required trainings. EHS has a training that may be useful. Employees are encouraged to train now, even if they expect to continue to work from home in the future.

Furlough and Lay Off Resources

Employee Furlough Information (MSU HR Page)

Lay Off Information (MSU HR page)