The WorkLife Office provides access to cutting edge research about best practices for worklife synergy. The Office also provides information about research specific to the Michigan State University community and will work in partnership to develop further research in this area.  Our inaugural symposium highlights some key research involving worklife topics.  We compiled a list of research articles that help form best practices.  We have also assembled a collection of relevant worklife reports.  We are currently developing a research program and updating the resources linked in this paragraph.

Research Program

This program is in its initial stages.  As of 2019, we are working on five research projects:

Project 1 (John Girdwood)

  • Topics: Bullying, Incivility, Toxic Workplace
  • Goal: Positive Workplace Environment
  • Partners: CHM, Psychology Grad Student

Project 2 (Barbara Roberts)

  • Type: Research Grant Collaboration (National)
  • Our Role: Implementation Phase 2 Study

Project 3 (Barbara Roberts)

  • Topics: Fathers, Stigma around Parental Leave
  • Our Role: Expand Statewide
  • Partner: Human Resources Grad Student

Project 4 (John Girdwood)

  • Topics: Stress, Conflict at Work, Recovery Period/Practices, Workplace Cohesion
  • Our Role: Methodology Support (Participant Contact)
  • Partners: Psychology Grad Students

Project 5 (John Girdwood)

  • Type: Pilot Study at MSU
  • Topics: High Turnover and Alternative Exit Interview Process
  • Our Role: Principal Investigator (PI)
  • Partners: HR (provided turnover data)