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Welcome to MSU!

If you are new to Michigan State University, the Greater Lansing area, Michigan or the United States, the WorkLife Office can help connect you to campus and community resources. Even if you aren’t new to the area, the Office has plenty of ways to help you locate the resources you need and become connected to your colleagues and your community.

Community Connections
Campus Connections

This webinar is geared toward newcomers at MSU. MSU is a large place and the MSU WorkLife Office is here to help you navigate it! This video is an introduction about things to do at MSU, and in the greater community. Welcome to MSU, and reach out to the MSU WorkLife Office if there is anything we can do to help you during your transition. Originally recorded November 2020.

Let us be one of the first to welcome you to MSU!

The WorkLife Office supports all MSU faculty and staff by connecting individuals with resources and assistance to help navigate the workplace, career, and life transitions. We partner with the community to create an inclusive and responsive work environment where all faculty and staff are respected and supported toward well-being in the multiple roles of work and personal life.

We work to assist faculty and staff in six primary areas: family care, career transitions, workplace assistance, relocation, community connections, and providing research-based proposals that inform best practices and policies at MSU.

We know that this is a challenging time to begin a new position. Please don't hesitate to reach out to our office. We are open Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm, and are available via walk in, Teams, email, Zoom, or phone. Also, our website offers a number of blog posts, recorded webinars, and events that may be helpful to you and/or your family.

Here are some of the services the MSU WorkLife Office offers:

  • 1:1 Consultation: Meet with a professional to seek advice, information, or referral. The WorkLife Office staff is here to help answer your work-life questions and assist you and your family members to find the resources and solutions that will work best for you.

    Learn more about consultations 

  • Supervisor Consultations: Speak with a member of the MSU WorkLife Office to assist you in supporting your employees with work-life fit issues, including but not limited to flex time proposals, providing community resources, and providing information on support available for a variety of issues. Email to request a consultation. 

  • Presentations at faculty or staff meetings: Presentations can be requested for faculty or staff meetings. The MSU WLO can present on the offerings and services of the MSU WorkLife Office, or we can present on topics such as stress management, work-life fit or other topics. Request a presentation or Email

  • Email Listservs: Connect to others in the MSU community who are engaged in managing or exploring similar topics.
    • WorkLife Office list: Monthly updates from the WorkLife Office.
    • Family list: Resources about children and parenting, discussion on aging and caring for the elderly, Information for caregivers of children with special needs, information for those considering or pursuing adoption, breastfeeding support including support from other breastfeeding mothers. 
    • International Networking: information and events specific for those faculty, staff, postdocs, and scholars with an international background.
    • Women's Networking Association: This group shares perspective and works on initiatives and recommendations surrounding women's health and safety, MSU benefits, diversity and inclusion, support staff engagement, education, training, and more.
    • Resources: For MSU employees that are looking to share resources with each other 
    • Subscribe to listservs
    • Contact the WorkLife Office:
  • Education sessions: Learn more about parenting, eldercare, breastfeeding, infant care, adoption, major life changes (divorce, empty nesters, etc.), career changes, MSU resources, work-life fit, an annual conference at MSU on work-life needs, and other educational programming which can be found on the calendar (updated each semester). View the calendar
  • Finding childcare and eldercare to meet your family's needs: We provide free access to search using your MSU NetID. We also provide a subsidized backup dependent care for children and elders. Learn more about childcare and eldercare options. Additionally, we provide assistance in finding childcare and eldercare in our community and beyond.
  • Connecting newcomers to communities both at MSU and beyond, including culturally specific organizations, campus organizations, places of worship, volunteer opportunities, LGBTQ community, and more.  Find your communities
  • Welcome orientations for newcomers about resources at MSU and the MSU WorkLife (open to spouses/significant others). Contact the WorkLife Office:
  • WorkLife Connections is the monthly email newsletter which shares articles, information, resources and upcoming events. We will be adding you to the newsletter email list so that you will get our monthly updates about work-life issues. See recent issues
  • Resource lists from the MSU community on realtors, doctors, dentists, the local area, housekeepers, pet sitters, childcare providers, etc. Email:  
  • Assisting spouses and significant others of newcomers with job searches, volunteer opportunities, and connecting to the local area. Email to set up an appointment.
  • International Networking Program and Resources is open to faculty, staff, administrators, post-docs and scholars with an international background. The purpose is to connect and share experiences to help build community within the larger university. Learn more about the program
  • Women's Networking Association get connected to professional women across campus through meaningful and empowering relationships. These are free professional development and networking opportunities. Learn more information about WNA  

You can count on the WorkLife Office to assist you and to make your time at MSU the best it can be.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

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Together We Will

This site focuses on reopening and the physical realities of that. There is info for students, faculty and staff, and campus visitors. The site is managed by University Communications. The faculty and staff section of the site is here:

This site focuses on four main subject areas about accessing MSU from home: working, learning, teaching and researching. The Working section of the site was built from content from both the HR and WLO websites. This site is managed by a group of individuals that helped pull resources together specifically for our remote transition back in March. You can find that section of the site here:

This site has been built to create a larger educational development network. It’s essentially a social network for teachers, broadly defined, at MSU. It’s entirely user-driven. Faculty and staff are able to post ideas, questions, or feedback to keep the education conversation going around trending topics that pertain to the MSU educator community. This site is managed by the Hub. You can login to the site using your MSU netID and password here:


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Medical Resources

McLaren Greater Lansing Hospital
(517) 975-6000

Sparrow Health System
(517) 364-6931

MSU Health Team Pharmacy at Olin
(517) 353-4930

Counseling Resources

Employee Assistance Program
(517) 355-4506

Couple & Family Therapy Clinic
(517) 432-2272

MSU Psychological Clinic
(517) 355-9564


MSU WorkLife Office
(517) 353-1635

Workplace Information

MSU Human Resources
(517) 353-4434

Professional Development
(517) 353-0183
For questions related to professional development courses, leadership development and training programs for units

MSU Employee Relations
(517) 353-5510
For questions related to unions, grievances, arbitration and employee discipline

Academic Human Resources
(517) 432-2272

Academic Advancement Network
(517) 432-1185
For questions related to professional and leadership development for academics across the career stages.

MSU Employee Unions


MSU WorkLife Office
(517) 353-1635

Report Misconduct

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Disability Accommodations

Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities (RCPD)

RCPD works diligently to engage MSU traditions of quality, inclusiveness and connectivity for the benefit of all.

RCPD assists students, employees and visitors by maximizing ability and opportunity.

For any issues involving misconduct, harassment, discrimination or criminal activity please see our other sections.

Information about Career Guidance, Furlough, and Layoff

Career Guidance

MSU WorkLife Office
(517) 353-1635

Furlough Information

MSU Human Resources
MSU Human Resources is committed to supporting the University as it continues operations to support students completing their academic coursework, while keeping our communities healthy and safe. The University is not closed; our operations continue. Please continue to refer to the Keep MSU Working site for the latest updates and information regarding the University's response to the coronavirus.

Layoff Information

MSU Human Resources
MSU Human Resources provides information for supervisors and employees regarding layoffs. The MSU Human Resources website provides a clear layoff process and a set of layoff resources as well as the following:

  • Budget and Layoff Considerations for Support Staff
  • Layoff Process for Support Staff Employees
  • Layoff Policy and Procedure for Support Staff Employees
  • Layoff Notice Periods by Union Group
  • Recall Process by Union


MSU Centers

Spartan Child
Development Center
(517) 353-5154

Child Development
(517) 355-1900

Finding Childcare

Great Start to Quality
(877) 614-7328
Free to MSU families!
You can even look for “College Caregivers.” If you
want to have access to MSU students’ profiles, you can search the system by college. Enter this MSU portal and enroll using your
MSU NET ID e-mail for free access to providers.

Backup Care

Kennedy Care
(800) 790-7233

Bailey Childcare Center
(517) 220-2939


MSU WorkLife Office
(517) 353-1635

Life @ MSU and Outside MSU

Community Connections

MSU WorkLife Resources
Whether you are new to MSU, the Greater Lansing area, Michigan, or the US, when you are looking for various services, shops and community resources, the WorkLife Office will help you find what you’re looking for!
MSU Community Connections


Employee Pride and Inclusion Coalition (EPIC)
The mission of EPIC is to create an inclusive and welcoming community that supports faculty, staff, and administrators of diverse sexual and gender identities. EPIC applies an intersectional lens, centering those with multiple marginalized identities and strives to improve the campus climate for the MSU Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual + (LGBTQIA+) community

For any issues involving misconduct, harassment, discrimination or criminal activity please see our other sections.


MSU WorkLife Office
(517) 353-1635

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MSU WorkLife Office
(517) 353-1635