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HERC Overview with Maranda Holtsclaw and Ian Reynolds Guest host Carly Kabel from the MSU College of Arts and Letters discusses the Higher Education Recruitment Consortium with Ian Reynolds, Executive Director, and Maranda Holtsclaw, Michigan Regional Director. After you listen, visit
StrengthsFinder Coach Melissa Staub "Name It, Aim It, Claim It"

The WorkLife Office team has the privilege of Melissa Staub from the College of Arts and Letters coaching us on StrengthsFinder. Melissa joins us for the first "virtual" edition of the WorkLife Podcast.
Erica Venton on Working Efficiently "Feeling more like I was in control of the work I was doing"

Erica Venton, Marketing Manager for the Office of the Provost Communications Team, shares some of the new practices she has inserted into her worklife to help her improve her experience.
IDEA Coordinators "I want to be a part of the team to help bring about change..."

Stratton Lee, Phillip Seaborn, and Kevin L. Brooks sit down with Jaimie Hutchison to talk about their roles as IDEA Coordinators at MSU. The MSU Institutional Diversity, Excellence, and Action (IDEA) Coordinators Committee began in the 1990s as a collaborative network of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) officers and advocates from multiple colleges and units. The purpose of the committee is to support and influence college and unit goals related to DEI and serve as a resource for those looking to engage in and advance DEI work at MSU.
Morteza Mahmoudi and Barbara Roberts on Academic Bullying "Reminds me of a root canal"

Bullying behavior is painful. Dr. Mahmoudi and Dr. Roberts talk about academic incivility. Topics include: bullying up, mobbing, and creating training materials as an intervention to educate Spartans about incivility. Power imbalances and hierarchies can create environments where bullying occurs. Listen as we shine a light on academic bullying.
Women’s Advisory Committee for Support Staff (WACSS) "We see such growth in the women that serve on this committee"

Jaimie Hutchison (WorkLife Office) sits down with Lisa Desprez (IPF) and Christine Leese (Office of the Executive Vice President for Administration) to discuss the Women's Advisory Committee for Support Staff (WACSS), commonly referred to by its acronym which is pronounced "wax."
1st Time Home Buyers "From love at 1st sight to closing the deal"

This 1-hour session is split into three 20-minute segments with education on home selection, securing a loan, and insuring your purchase. Join us for a phenomenal session with these informed professionals!
Surviving and Thriving as an Elder Caregiver “Every situation is unique and special”

In this "throwback" episode, we learn from Lori Strom, former Lifespan and Family Services Coordinator at the MSU WorkLife Office. Lori talks with Russ White from WKAR about her presentation at the Broad College of Business Executive Development Program’s Business and Bagels series.
Paulette Granberry Russell, Part 2 of 2 "It's a way of creating a sense of community"

Carly Kabel, College of Arts and Letters, interviews Paulette Granberry Russell about the 2020 Commemorative Celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The theme of the week is "Still I Rise" and encompasses many activities including focus on the 19th Amendment that guarantees the right to vote for women.
Paulette Granberry Russell, Part 1 of 2 This special episode, recorded on the 4th Floor of the Administration Building, is split into two parts. In Part 1, Paulette Granberry Russell talks about the 40th Commemorative Celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. at Michigan State University. She shares some of her personal story about the impact that Dr. King had on her life.
Joy Shantz, Office for International Students and Scholars The WorkLife podcast stops by the MSU International Center to talk with Joy Shantz, Communications and Community Outreach Coordinator, about the support MSU offers to international Spartans.
Local Childcare Options Liz Lauren and Laurie Linscott discuss local childcare options on a special episode recorded in the bustling Spartan Childhood Development Center. If you listen closely, you might hear a joyous child playing in the background. Liz and Laurie are local experts on childcare options and convey things to think about when choosing the right childcare for your family.
Amy Bonomi, PhD, MPH Jaimie Hutchison sits down with Dr. Amy Bonomi, director of Michigan State University (MSU) Extension’s Children and Youth Institute (CYI). In addition to her director role, Dr. Bonomi is co-administrator of the Women’s Leadership Institute at MSU and a faculty member in MSU’s Research Consortium on Gender-based Violence.
Redefining Women's Empowerment: Multi-layered Leadership Pipeline In today’s social media-driven society, it is very easy to brand yourself with your 9-to-5 or side hustle; however, it is also easy to get pigeon-held to being one-dimensional by separating the two. This has created a “war of worlds” where corporate and entrepreneurship are seen as two separate entities, leading to a misconception of how to develop a multi-faceted career as a woman in leadership. This episode will provide tips to take you up the ladder of engagement from startup to the C-suite as a professional woman on the rise while also creating a leadership pipeline for other women in the future.
Carol Parker, PhD, MPH When Dr. Carol Parker won the MSU Outstanding Supervisor Award in 2018, she was the Executive Director in the Office of Academic Affairs, College of Human Medicine. In that capacity, she supervised 22 employees. According to the nomination packet for the award, Parker is a role model and positive leader. One nominator wrote, "I cannot overstate how empathetic and compassionate Carol is. She has been so very understanding and accommodating to me (and to others in the group) when a rough patch in life comes along." Another letter stated, "Carol is sensitive to the full spectrum of her employees' needs, acknowledging the multiple roles we each navigate, whether we are dealing with elder, partner or childcare issues or pursuing our own work-life goals. She respects the differences between us, and expects us to do the same."
Managing Stress at Work There are ebbs and flows to the intensity of our work and stressors in our personal lives. Learn tools and strategies for identifying stressors, prioritizing responsibilities, and managing stress throughout your career.
Judy McMillan, CIP HRPP Manager Judy McMillan and Mike Gardner are both recipients of the 2014 Michigan State University Outstanding Supervisor Award. Listen to them discuss the values that make MSU special.
Holly Rosen, MSU Safe Place Everybody knows about the Race for the Place. But, did you know that MSU Safe Place is run by one outstanding supervisor? Listen to this episode to learn how Holly Rosen makes MSU a great place to work.
Sherman Garnett, Dean of James Madison College Dean Garnett has done a thing or two during his career. Tune in to learn more about his experiences.
Gary Roloff, Department of Fisheries and Wildlife Gary expects students entering his lab to work hard and ethically, serve as engaged citizens in the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife at MSU, professionally represent his lab to external partners, and to work collaboratively with the lab team. Gary has a hands-off management style, but likes to stay informed and engaged in lab projects as they develop and are implemented. Gary fully encourages and supports the involvement of students in his lab with The Wildlife Society or other professional organizations that are relevant to the student or the project. Although he tends to hire students to work on specific projects, he also recognizes that graduate school is a professional development opportunity for students and works with each student to build the skill set that will make them marketable and successful in their careers.
David Gift, MSU Oustanding Supervisor (2010) Co-host Mike Gardner joins David Gift in the WorkLife Office Podcast Studio at Linton Hall, the oldest academic building on the campus of Michigan State University.
Genevieve Cottrell and Andrew Widner What's better than talking to one MSU Outstanding Supervisor? Talking to two Outstanding Supervisors, of course!
Nancy Schmitt, PhD, RN; Director of Academic Instructional Support Services for the MSU College of Nursing When this podcast was recorded, Dr. Schmitt was in her 12th year of her supervisory position with the College of Nursing. Listen to find out what things have changed and what still remains the same.
Lynette Forman, Parking Operations Manager How do you work in a stressful place and make it operate smoothly for your team so that staff members can feel good about the work they do? Lynette Forman at MSU DPPS has the answers!
Nick Drew, Chief of Staff at MSU Psychology Join Spartan Alum Nick Drew to hear what approach Nick takes to supervising his team.