Erin Schlicher: Outstanding Supervisor Award Winner 2023

Calmly Putting People First

In a rapidly changing environment, supervisors juggle the goals of the university and the needs of their team members. All of Erin Schlicher’s nominators praised her willingness and ability to successfully accommodate schedule changes, time off, and work-life fit. Managers that stay calm, are thoughtful and put their people first are outstanding supervisors.

“Due to her natural demeanor, Erin responds well to stressful circumstances and extreme work-life situations. She is an overall calm and collected individual. … Erin is an extremely compassionate person, but during times of heightened stress, she uses her head to lead her staff instead of raw emotion. She’s a quietly confident, born leader. She guides us by treating us as people first, with dignity, respect, and integrity,” shares Raeann Hagen-Davis, Executive Staff Assistant for the Sponsored Programs Administration.

“Erin has done a tremendous job in humanizing the workplace. She supports me as an individual and has helped make my onboarding process and introduction into my role an easy transition onto a new team and workplace structure. Being treated with respect, trust, empathy, and encouragement, keeping standards high, while also being down to earth and relatable are traits I have really valued in her leadership style,” explains Emily Murdoch, Sponsored Programs Administration team member.

Erin Schlincher

Schlicher’s thoughtful decision making goes a long way.

“Erin is very thoughtful and fair in all the decisions that impact the team. She is always smiling and upbeat when we meet and supportive when I go to her with a problem that I need assistance resolving. Erin takes into consideration the entire team when planning meetings, individual goals, and departmental outcomes. But, more than just the team, she considers the service we provide to the University and how she can assist us in being the best we can be for MSU. She is always there to listen as we talk through something we are working on, provides useful help when needed, and a great listener for work and personal related topics. I know that anytime I go to her she thinks of me as not just an employee but also as a person with outside cares and responsibilities,” says Amy Bane, Training Program Developer for the Sponsored Programs Administration.

“As I began my journey as a new MSU employee, I found Erin to be a very patient and kind mentor, helping me learn to navigate the various complexities of the new position that I now faced, as well as the relationships and university ins-and-outs that would be required to be successful. Every question or problem faced was dealt with thoughtful, kind, and helpful support in pursuit of the best direction forward. Erin is quick to praise publicly and helps to foster relationships and camaraderie in our specialized team where much of our individual work is siloed. She adapts quickly to change and encourages a very optimistic outlook for the team and the important work we do here for MSU’s research community,” explained Michael Wolf, Data Resource Analyst for the Sponsored Program Administration.

Promoting professional development makes a difference to Schlicher’s team.

“Erin regularly checks in on her staff, asking what she can do to help us succeed. She is always available to answer questions, teach us new skills and guide us along the path of success. Her leadership style continually empowers her team to attain goals by promoting professional and personal development. Erin even goes out of her way to aid us in reaching personal goals, by offering a fresh perspective and insights, as well as directing us toward available resources we can utilize to attain our goals,” shares Raeann Hagen-Davis.

“Personal and professional development is very important to Erin, and she encourages all the team members to take advantage of the myriad of courses, training sessions, education assistance and other resources that MSU offers through the WorkLife Office and other departments and benefits. She works behind the scenes to be an advocate for all her employees on matters of workload, compensation, schedule, and equipment without us even having to ask. I can confidently say that Erin values each member of her team, and that her team members feel valued on a consistent basis,” says Michael Wolf.

Schlicher’s team honored her with praise. “Erin is both a fantastic person and an amazing manager. She works to ensure our team aims to consistently achieve our goals, while simultaneously assisting us in becoming our own best assets,” concludes Raeann Hagen-Davis.

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