2018 Outstanding Supervisor Award Recipients

Genevieve Cottrell

Genevieve with coworkers holding a banner and flowers for being an outstanding supervisorGenevieve Cottrell is a Chemical Safety Officer in Environmental Health & Safety. In this capacity, she supervises five employees. The nomination packet evidenced the personal care and support Cottrell provides through her leadership. One letter of support stated, “She is observant, is aware of our strengths and weaknesses, which allow her to help us build our skill sets.” Another letter referenced the pride she brings to her employees, which stated, “I often attend meetings with her and every time she speaks as my supervisor, she both impresses me and makes us proud to call her leader. With Gen at the helm, it is easy to stay the course.” The nomination and letters of support made it clear that Cottrell honors the work-life fit of those she supervises.

Nicholas Drew

Nicholas with coworkers holding a banner and flowers for being an outstanding supervisorNicholas Drew is the Administrative Assistant III/S (Division Supervisor) in the College of Human Medicine, Flint. In this capacity, he supervises six employees. According to the testimonies expressed in the nomination packet, Drew builds a work environment of encouragement and growth. One letter stated, “Mr. Drew is dedicated to providing a collaborative, empowering work environment not only for his team, but for the Division as a whole.” Nominators for Drew’s award highlighted his “kind personality” and “generous spirit.” One nominator summarized Drew’s leadership style in this way: “Nick treats everyone with dignity and respects the need for work-life balance.”

Niesa Kettler

Niesa with a lot of coworkers holding a banner and flowers and a certificate for being an outstanding supervisorNiesa Kettler is the Bacteriology/Mycology Laboratory Supervisor in the MSU Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory – Bacteriology. In this capacity, she supervises 10 employees. “[Niesa] is always welcoming, caring, accommodating, and she fully understands the needs of her employees, both on the job and outside of work,” wrote a nominator. The environment that Kettler has created for her team is one based on trust and positive reinforcement. “Niesa encourages an atmosphere that allows for the flourishing of each of the technicians in the laboratory. This is accomplished through her careful balance between trusting her employees’ competence and also being present or inserting herself kindly at all the appropriate times.”

Nicklas McLaren

Nicklas with a lot of coworkers holding a banner and flowers for being an outstanding supervisorNicklas McLaren is the Senior Director of Development and Alumni Relations within the office of the Associate Vice President for University Development. In this capacity, he supervises six employees. From the nomination letters, it was evident that McLaren creates a work environment based on growth, camaraderie and collaboration. One letter stated, “He allows flexible schedules and demonstrates respect and dignity to all of his employees. His leadership style is extremely positive and he continues to empower me in my role.” Employees within his unit also recognize that this positive environment also contributes to their satisfaction at work and in their personal lives. “Nick has an outstanding work ethic, a collaborative nature, strategic mind, and most importantly, he has used all of these qualities to build a highly productive and loyal team at Michigan State University.”

Carol Parker

Carol with a lot of coworkers holding a banner and flowers for being an outstanding supervisorDr. Carol Parker is the Executive Director in the Office of Academic Affairs, College of Medicine. In this capacity, she supervises 22 employees. According to the nomination packet, Parker serves as a role model and positive leader. One nominator wrote, “I cannot overstate how empathetic and compassionate Carol is. She has been so very understanding and accommodating to me (and to others in the group) when a rough patch in life comes along.” Another letter stated, “Carol is sensitive to the full spectrum of her employees’ needs, acknowledging the multiple roles we each navigate, whether we are dealing with elder, partner or childcare issues or pursuing our own work-life goals. She respects the differences between us, and expects us to do the same.