2021 Outstanding Supervisor Award Recipients

“Chris’ work ethic inspires all of us to do our very best. She sets a positive example for all levels of faculty and staff in the department. She is always present and available to us even at the busiest of times.”
-Lynne Zelenski, Director of Academic Services, Department of Accounting and Information Systems

“In her administrative and supervisory role, Joyce has been an exemplary citizen not only of the department, but also of the larger university community. She has created innovative learning opportunities for new and returning teachers to address various pedagogical needs and problems, has created ways to make the work we do in FYW ‘travel’ outward into other public beyond the department and university, and has initiated projects to inquire into what has emerged as the needs of our various constituents of learners (in particular, multilingual and international students).”
-Julie Lindquist, Professor of Rhetoric and Writing, Department of Writing, Rhetoric, and American Cultures

“Michael’s responsibilities in the college of music are vast. He is not only Professor of Bassoon with a full teaching studio, but his duties as Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies and Operations have him involved in a myriad of different administrative tasks necessary in keeping the college of music running smoothly. With all of his diverse responsibilities, Michael is able to be equitable in all things and to everyone he serves and supervises. He is sensitive to individual needs specific to a person and for specific situations.”
-Mary Lapprand, Head Piano Technician, College of Music

“Gabe is a leader and supervisor who knows his task is to promote not his success but the success of his employees. He actively mentors’ employees to develop their own leadership skills, empowering them to be the best they can be. I have seen him many times believe in an employee’s potential even more than the employee believes in their potential.”
-Jane Rice, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences

“Dr. Patrick organizes the ORA office to be highly collaborative, so that the staff are encouraged to offer assistance to each other when needed. A collaborative team spirit is a pervasive characteristic of the office. Jeannie models what it means to be a supportive and interested colleague; if a staff member has a challenge in their personal lives, I have observed that they feel welcome to share the situation with Jeannie and she offers her support in practical ways.”
-Ann Austin, University Distinguished Professor and Interim Dean, College of Education