Gabe Ording: Outstanding Supervisor Award Winner 2021

Gabe Ording smilingDr. Gabriel Ording’s enthusiasm and energy drive his role as the Director of the Center for Integrative Studies in General Science. With an upbeat and positive attitude, he never fails to make the workplace an enjoyable place to be for his colleagues.

“I cannot begin to tell you how fabulous Gabe is as our Director. He is all about the team, all about family and all about us individually. He has so much love and compassion and empathy for what we go through in our own lives and supports us in whatever way we may need,”

“Gabe is a leader and supervisor who knows his task is to promote not his success but the success of his employees. He actively mentors employees to develop their own leadership skills, empowering them to be the best they can be. I have seen him many times believe in an employee’s potential even more than the employee believes in their potential.”Gabe Ording with celebration cake

In addition to setting a positive example for his colleagues, Ording works to create an equitable and supportive work environment. “Gabe progressively works to be inclusive and share resources. We adjusted our curriculum schedule to highlight topical — and endemic — injustices. Gabe shared Native land acknowledgments, resources to report any potential opposition, and assigned diverse perspectives to consume. He understands his societal privilege proven to him by extensive life experience. His consideration for me and his students through the uncertainty of the pandemic and socioeconomic crisis of the past year gave me structure and calmed anxious energy,”

“I believe Gabe deserves this award due to his open, inclusive, and understanding nature that is much needed and appreciated right now. He is also committed to the personal development of his team. He encourages those around him to learn, grow, explore, and build up themselves and others. He allows for flexible schedules to help those who are dealing with home life and other issues. He is a wonderful supervisor because he is a wonderful friend who sees great things in others.”

Having someone like Ording as a supervisor and professor can make a big difference. His respect and compassion for his students and colleagues does not go unnoticed, and his positive outlook impacts everyone he meets. His willingness to advocate for and connect with others makes him a true outstanding supervisor.

Gabe Ording with staff at the celebration