Chris Hogan: Outstanding Supervisor Award Winner 2021

Chris Hogan smilingIn a University filled with many diverse people, it is rare that someone makes everyone they work with feel included, accepted, and welcomed. However, Chris Hogan does just that in her role as department chairperson for the Department of Account and Information Systems in the Eli Broad College of Business.

Now entering her fifth year in the position, she supervises four office staff members, four academic specialists, 32 tenure system and fixed term faculty, and 17 doctoral students. “Chris’ work ethic inspires all of us to do our very best. She sets a positive example for all levels of faculty and staff in the department. She is always present and available to us even at the busiest of times.”

Hogan’s positive attitude has made an impact on everyone she has worked with. “Chris is incredibly caring and encouraging with each aspect of my job. She has gone out of her way to help in my preparations in teaching by providing materials and advice and connecting me with practitioners, alumni, and technology providers. After my first semester teaching, Chris unexpectedly visited my office just to sincerely thank me for my efforts in teaching after I had received positive feedback on my teaching evaluations. It is very apparent that she cares a lot for me and the students in our program which inspires me to continue to strive for excellence in teaching,”

Even in times of conflict or crisis, Hogan has not let her colleagues down. “Dr. Hogan did an outstanding job facilitating the transition to online instruction, when the pandemic hit. Ours is a large department, and it must have been challenging to make sure that instruction continued smoothly in all the classes, learning goals were being met, and students’ needs were provided consideration. Dr. Hogan was supportive, compassionate, and provided steady and calm leadership.”

Being an outstanding supervisor means embodying all the qualities that make one a great leader. Hogan proves that no matter what struggles a department may face, having an accepting and open leader can make all the difference in the world.

Chris Hogan with staff at the celebration