Networking 101: Not Your Ordinary Mixer

Outfield Lofts (310 N. Cedar Street, Lansing, MI)

Do the words "mixer" and "networking" make your palms sweaty? Do you get nervous before mandatory social events at conferences? Or are you someone who loves networking events and meeting new people? No matter where you fall on the love/hate spectrum of networking, this event is for you. This will be an environment where you can test your networking skills (or lack thereof), get some "how to" tips and tricks in a real-world scenario, and be coached through this fun, positive, invigorating women's networking event. Oh, and bring a friend!

Reserve your spot! Email or call (517) 353-1635. 

Refreshments will be provided. 

This event is being hosted by the Women's Networking Association. 

Picture of Networking Event flyer