Past Recipients

2016 Recipients

Karen Crosby & her team Karen Crosby

Karen Crosby is the Chief Financial Officer in the College of Human Medicine Dean’s Office. In this capacity, she supervises nine employees. The nomination packet was filled with positive sentiments about the work environment Ms. Crosby has created for her department. One letter of support stated, “Karen has fostered a culture of support and respect.” Others referenced Ms. Crosby’s willingness to accommodate for life difficulties and to offer flexible work arrangements. The nomination packet included statements such as, “This flexibility permits me to remain professionally engaged and continue to contribute to the college and university.” 




Amy Driver & her team Amy Driver

Amy Driver is the Data Entry Supervisor/Office Supervisor II in the Department of Enterprise Information Stewardship. In this capacity, she supervises 20 employees. According to the testimonies expressed in the nomination packet, Ms. Driver is an advocate for her employees and creates a unique and productive work environment. Nominators for Ms. Driver’s award highlighted her ability to meet the needs of the team that she supervises with respect and integrity. One letter of support stated, “She approaches each day with a positive attitude that is infectious in our work space.” This positivity also empowers employees toward high performance. Another nominator wrote, “She values our opinions and voices, challenges us to come up with new ideas, and allows each person to shine in their own unique capacity.”



Dean Sherman Garnett & his team Sherman Garnett

Sherman Garnett is the Dean of James Madison College. In this capacity, he supervises approximately 50 employees. “Dean Garnett has created a productive and engaging environment, where faculty and staff know that they are respected, listened to, and cared for,” wrote a nominator. By providing a work environment that honors flexibility and tending to personal life needs, “He supports independent thinking and trusts his staff to do their job and do it well,” stated a letter of support for his nomination. As the dean of a college, his supervisory role has successfully blended the needs of both faculty and staff. One letter of support said, “Dean Garnett understands that everyone on the team is valuable, and that we have to be there for each other.”


Jessica Nakfour & her team Jessica Nakfour

Jessica Nakfour is the Management Analyst in the MSU Extension Director’s Office. In this capacity, she supervises nine employees. According to the nomination packet, “Her patient, caring and enthusiastic demeanor allows for a great work environment.” Additional letters of support for Ms. Nakfour highlighted her dedication to the staff, providing flexible work arrangements, and fairness for all employees. One letter of support stated, “Jessica consistently demonstrates fair management, consistent leadership and a commitment to supporting and treating her employees with dignity and respect.” As a supervisor, she has also demonstrated a commitment to the success of her team, both as individuals and as a unit.



Jeremy Wilson & his team Jeremy Wilson

Jeremy Wilson is the Director of the Center for Anti-Counterfeiting & Product Protection and a Professor in the School of Criminal Justice. In this capacity, he supervises six employees. The nomination packet for Dr. Wilson included statements such as, “He exemplifies integrity and civility and leads by example,” “This flexibility...motivated me to work efficiently and take ownership in my work in the office,” and that he shows “ardent support of the personal and professional growth of his staff.” Other letters of support identified Dr. Wilson’s commitment to his staff and his ability to create a supportive team environment in the department as qualities that make him a great supervisor.




2015 Recipients

John Gerlach, Biomed Lab Diagnostics; Gladys Raymond, Sponsored Programs; Nancy Schmitt, Nursing

2014 Recipients

Michael Gardner, Culinary Services; Shawn Kelly, Infrastructure, Planning & Facilities; Judith McMillan, Regulatory Affairs; Gary Roloff, Fisheries & Wildlife; Holly Rosen, MSU Safe Place

2013 Recipients

Eunice Hoeve, Plant Research Lab; Dana Infante, Fisheries & Wildlife; Jason Vallance, IPF Commissioning Services; Pauline VanDyke, Electrical & Computer Engineering

2011 Recipients

Amy Blair, Libraries; Steve Bolin, Pathobiology; Kent Cassella, Communications; John L. Thelen, Controller

2010 Recipients

Burton Bargerstock, University Outreach and Engagement; David Gift, IT Services CIO; Dwight Handspike, Broad College of Business; Eileen Haraminac, Extension Health & Nutrition; Michael Hudson; Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities; Renee Rivard, Human Resources; Mary Thiel, Radiology

2009 Recipients

David B. Brower, Controller; Chris Hanna, Human Resources; Ann Hoffman, Communication Arts & Sciences; Dennis Martell, Student Health Center; Jane Randolph, Broad College of Business

2008 Recipients

Dan Bollman, IPF; Lynnette Forman, Police & Public Safety; Marie Monroe, College of Human Medicine; Jessica Moy, Remote Sensing & Geographic Information Science

2007 Recipients

Chris JensonGeoff HumphreysKaren PlautJamie Sue Willard SmithPhyllis BukovcikKaren Pearl

2006 Recipients

Estelle McGroartySharon AndersonCurtis Olson

2005 Recipients

Mary Elaine WebsterPatricia LowrieKelley Bishop

2004 Recipients

Don DonagrandiCheryl SiskBrenda ParoliniMona EllardHelen DashneyDouglas Estry

2003 Recipients

Pam BellamyJoan PredkoTim ZekoMarti HeilCharles WebbJim Cotter

2002 Recipients

Ken CrowellKaren McKnight CaseyLarry HembroffMaynard Hogberg

2001 Recipients

John LewisLarry SierraLinda SighMark SimmonsCheryl WhitmanKeith WilliamsEileen Wilson