Supervisor Training Series Part 1: Supporting Employees with Chronic Health Conditions

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As a supervisor, you may find yourself in challenging situations which place the solution at the supervisor's discretion. When it comes to managing an employee with a chronic health condition, it can be of even higher importance that a message of support and acceptance is communicated to the employee, while maintaining a sense of equity amongst the employee and their team members. During this opening to a 4-part series, you will gain insight on the needs of employees with chronic health conditions, what resources are available to them, and how to respond effectively and supportively. 

Class Objectives:
- Understand the significance of normalizing chronic health conditions and the treatment of those conditions 
- Recognize the benefits of supporting your employees through chronic health conditions 
- Determining what your employees' needs are and what resources are available to them 
- Top ways to provide support as a supervisor as well as the do’s and don’ts of responding to an employee with a chronic health condition