Kids & Parents

  • Breastfeeding Rooms and Support: MSU supports breastfeeding mothers and encourages supervisors to provide a supportive environment and private location for mothers who choose to nurse their babies or express/pump their breastmilk during the workday. This link connects you to the interactive room location map and other lactation support services: Breastfeeding.
  • Childcare: Quality, affordable, licensed childcare is available in the area surrounding campus. There are many options that will help you find the best fit for you and your young ones.
    • Finding Childcare: This page will help you find the right childcare provider for your child.
    • Campus Childcare: Looking for campus-based care? There are a variety of Spartan Youth programs and activities for children ages Pre-K—12th grade. Additionally, there are two child development centers on campus.
    • Looking for a care provider to come to your home to watch your child? You may also be interested in special needs care, tutoring help, private lessons, housekeeping, pet care and more. For free access to all of these services, MSU faculty and staff can find trusted care providers by visiting and signing up with your MSU NET ID email address.
    • Backup Dependent Care: Are you in a bind if your regular childcare provider is unable to care for your child? Or what if your child is ill and is unable to attend daycare or school? MSU Backup Dependent Care offers subsidized childcare service in your family's home. 
  • Adoption Resources: Are you an adoptive parent or considering adoption? These resources may help answer your questions and connect you to other MSU parents with similar concerns: Adoption Resources.
  • Special Needs Support: Do you have a child with special needs? These campus-based, local and State of Michigan support resources may be helpful: Special Needs Kids.
  • Preparing for a new child: Coffective Mobile App is a free resource that helps families prepare for the birth of their baby and get a great start to breastfeeding with digital hospital preparation checklist, captivating photos, and step-by-step instructions for each of the maternity care best practices, and tips for overcoming common barriers. 
  • Parents Email Listserv: To connect with other MSU parents, join this email list where you can ask questions, receive recommendations and stay in-the-know about issues that are relevant to you.  
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