IPF Home Improvement Series: How to Safely Use a Generator with Brian Powe

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Join the WorkLife Office and Infrastructure Planning and Facilities (IPF) as we continue the Home Improvement Series with How to Safely Use a Generator to help Spartans who have been working from home for nearly a year!

IPF Home Improvement Series: How to Safely Use a Generator with Brian Powe


Contact Brian Poswe at powebria@msu.edu 

This year, many MSU employees moved offices from East Lansing to our homes. Our first few weeks may have involved getting a new office chair, stocking pens and paper, and ensuring we had adequate internet to link us to the thousands of Zoom meetings this summer and fall. We now enter the cold winter months and have other things to consider as we keep our home offices safe and healthy.

Some MSU employees never left East Lansing! Our colleagues at Infrastructure, Planning, and Facilities (IPF) have always kept MSU buildings and offices safe and secure. Our IPF colleagues are still available to support those of us working from home.

In a Summer 2020 WorkLife Survey (n=916), we asked you to describe the work-life challenges that you are experiencing at this time and 52% of respondents mentioned your challenges involved things at home, your house, your desk, your office, room, space, and/or equipment. The WorkLife Office responded to your feedback through a new WorkLife/IPF collaboration launching in 2021!

About the WorkLife/IPF Series: https://worklife.msu.edu/homeoffice

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