Resilient Fathers: Thriving in the Midst of a Pandemic - Keeping Our Kids Safe Online

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Our children today are constantly connected to an online world, in ways that we, as adults, typically weren’t as kids. As such, we don’t necessarily have a strong grasp on the realities and risks of being embedded in a digital environment. Join us for a discussion on how we can enable our children to become good digital citizens and help secure their futures.

Learning Objective #1: Parents/caregivers will gain an understanding of the source of dangers to their children online.

Learning Object #2: Parents/caregivers will learn strategies for keeping their kids safe in today’s connected world.

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Brian’s own personal list of many parenting online resources (including some app specific guidance):

Having "The Talk" 

Top Ten Parental Control Monitoring Apps

Bark - The Smart Way to Keep Kids Safe Online

Sample Technology Agreement Form to use with Kids

Facebook group mentioned: Parenting in a Tech World -

Apple Families (for Mac and iOS devices):

Google Families (for Android and Chromebook devices):

Microsoft Family Safety (for Windows and other Microsoft devices):

About the Speaker

Brian Martinez, MSU Information Security Analyst 

Brian is a Security Analyst at Michigan State University who is passionate about building community, mentoring, changing culture, raising awareness and education, and security/privacy in general. Brian is currently the director of a local chapter of a statewide infosec meetup group called #misec, which meets monthly. Brian has a lot of experience in presenting on security related topics. 

"Just a guy trying to make it in this world: Father of two; Husband; Spartan; Improviser; InfoSec/GRC Professional; Director of #misec Lansing; Wannabe writer & comedian - in that order."