WNA: Managing Emotional Overload (Lisa Laughman)

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Learning Objectives:
-Consider family and dominant cultural rules that inhibit healthy emotional expression
-Learn strategies for honoring and processing the full range of human emotions
-Understand the dangers of emotional suppression, experiential avoidance, emotional dysregualtion, and shaming practices around emotions
-Explore healthy emotional expression in the context of a larger framework for resilience: acknowledge, honor, release, relax, reflect, resolve.


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Health4U Lead Emotional Wellness Consultant, EAP Counselor



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Lisa is a licensed clinical social worker who received a Bachelor's Degree in Social Work from Eastern Michigan University (1988) and her Master's Degree in Social Work from Michigan State University (1991). Lisa has worked in the arenas of addictions counseling, foster care, and employee assistance counseling. Lisa has served the University as an employee assistance counselor since 2003 and as an emotional wellness consultant since 2005. Lisa is the facilitator of the Sustainable High Performance class offered in partnership with MSU Human Resources. This class helps people gain the skills required to live at the intersection of healthy and high performing.

Lisa's counseling and emotional wellness coaching is centered in several evidence based theories including Acceptance Commitment Theory (ACT), Shame Resilience Theory (SRT), and several system theories that address issues of power and privilege based on race, gender, class, disability, sexual orientation and other human differences. Lisa's work is also heavily influenced by Three Principles of healthy human functioning. Lisa has recently become a Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator who provides transformational learning experiences based on the shame resilience research of Dr Brené Brown.

Outside of her work at MSU, Lisa is the founder of Wisdom Heart Life a counseling and coaching service dedicated to helping people live their life lined up with their deepest wisdom and their greatest sense of meaning and purpose. Lisa's enjoys moments spent with her 3 incredible adult children and her amazing partner, family, and friends. Her favorite way to spend a summer day is on the edge of a Great Lake or in her kayak on quiet waters.