Workshops Provide Tools to Define, Recognize, and Handle Stress Plus Much More

people at a table with their computersBy Jaimie Hutchison and Larry Eiden

The MSU WorkLife Office offers presentations to groups of faculty and staff on a variety of topics. Many of these presentations are given during staff meetings or other meetings where staff or faculty gather. One of the most requested presentations is, “Finding Your WorkLife Fit”. “Finding Your WorkLife Fit,” focuses on how to manage the multiple roles in your life. The workshop gives participants the tools to define, recognize, and handle stress. It also focuses on setting realistic goals and expectations for managing work-life conflict, tools and ideas to strengthen skills in work-life fit areas and simple exercises they can do while at work to decrease stress and to increase productivity.  

In the past few months 91 faculty and staff members have attended one of these presentations. One hundred percent of the 91 people surveyed rated the program’s content and the ability of the presenter to communicate the content as excellent or good.  All participants also said the information presented either very useful or moderately useful, and 97% would recommend this program to others.  According to the numbers, a majority of people benefitted from this program, “I didn’t know the WorkLife Office existed, there are some great benefits and resources I can use.”  

Many of the participants surveyed stated that they will reach out to the WorkLife Office more often as many were unaware of its existence, or what the office provided prior to these workshops. 

Those who participated in the workshop positively responded to the material.  All ninety-one participants rated the content excellent or good. One participant remarked that the presentation was engaging and they enjoyed how statistics supported the content.  Eighty percent of those surveyed said the information provided in the workshop was very useful; the other twenty percent said it was moderately useful. 

When asked if the participant was more aware of ways they can find their WorkLife fit, 96% of the participants either strongly agreed or agreed.  Over 95% of the participants either strongly agreed or agreed that they are more aware of how stress impacts them.  

Participants said to utilize some of the stress relieving concepts covered they would stretch and live a healthier lifestyle, plot personal time and use the calendar more, and contact the WorkLife Office for additional information and services.   

The MSU WLO has a new option on the website called, “Request a Workshop”. It can be found under the “Services and Resources” image on the left side of the main webpage. You can use this button to request a training presentation for your faculty or staff members. The current offerings are: Busting the Myth of Work-Life Balance, Building Your Best Colleague, Managing Stress at Work, Creating Flexible Work Arrangements as a Team, and Custom Workshops where you can request a topic across a span of work-life topics. We look forward to visiting your group or unit to train, or share information about resources available to faculty and staff at MSU.