Try Flex this Summer

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Whether we are faculty, academic staff, research associates, or support staff, for some of us, the summer months mean a change of pace in our life at work. That might mean a reduction in courses we are teaching, fewer appointments with students, or taking on new and special research projects. The summer can also bring with it juggling coworkers’ vacation schedules and shifts in the focus of our work. Whether you’re in grounds maintenance and have to shift to new equipment and maintenance schedules, or are in an academic unit and preparing for summer programs and already busying yourself with fall planning, the summer might be a good time to try a flexible work arrangement.

Many unit leaders are already accustomed to shifting schedules around to maintain coverage while also honoring vacation requests. That means that flexibility is already at the front of the minds of managers and also our coworkers. The summer might be a great time for you and your unit to pilot a flexible work arrangement. That could mean anything from working four 10-hour days to teleworking one day per week, and lots of other options in between. Learn more information about flexible work arrangements. You could also set up a consultation with someone from the WorkLife Office to consider all of your options.

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If you have any questions about managing your summer work-life needs, please don’t hesitate to contact the WorkLife Office at (517) 353-1635 or