Toward a Respectful Workplace Website Provides Research and Insights

respectful workplace screenshotWorkplace bullying and harassment are major impediments to a respectful workplace. They can happen to anyone, anywhere, at any time, in any type of workplace. The Toward a Respectful Workplace website is a useful tool to help identify troubled work environments.

Two features to highlight this month are:

Frequently Asked Questions
This page contains a lot of questions with rich and descriptive information in the answers. These questions includes:

  • How do I know if my workplace has a bullying problem?
  • What are the typical dynamics?
  • How do we help each of the players?
  • How can we make it a shared responsibility to tackle bullying?
  • And many others.

Categories of Bullying from the Toolkit
This section helps to categorize abuse by the type of behavior being experienced and show the kind of abuse of power or psychological harassment that they are. Until a target understands the kind of behavior takes place in different kinds of bullying, the self doubt, self-blame and crazy making continue. Once an understanding of the different types of harassment the individual can then assess more clearly whether this is what is happening or not. The site lists types of behaviors and then shows which category of abuse it reflects. Some examples:

  • Micromanaging and constant fault finding
  • Blocking someone’s career advancement
  • Constantly changing performance evaluation criteria
  • Taking credit for someone’s work
  • Undermining Professional or Personal Reputation

Funding and Support

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