Support for Spartans who are Caregivers

mother and child baking and laughingThe WorkLife Office is a strong advocate of support for Spartans who are caregivers. We appreciate the struggles, we see the challenges, and we are here for you. With that said, we want to be sure you are aware of our childcare and eldercare options and resources.

Please forward this information to relevant staff and faculty members as these resources could benefit many people within the MSU community. Caregiving can be hidden and fluid, so forwarding this information to all of your direct reports can be extremely beneficial.

We are emphasizing the importance of well-being and a supportive workplace culture. The WorkLife Office is available to assist you, your colleagues, and your team with work and life concerns. We’ve compiled some great information, links, and checklists to help find childcare. Perhaps you already have a handle on childcare or adult dependent care, but just need assistance from time to time. Subsidized care options are available to stand in when you or your regular care provider have to step out.

Services Available to You

  • Find trusted care providers. MSU faculty, academic specialists, post-docs, staff, and student parents can get free access to search for childcare, special needs care, tutoring help, private lessons, housekeeping, pet care, and more through this MSU Benefit (new employees may take up to one month to gain access). Learn how to get free access today.
  • Dependent care for children and adults: subsidized care options can help when a regular caregiver (including yourself) is unavailable. This benefit includes backup childcare options.
  • Classes: lactation (breastfeeding) classes, infant care classes, caregiver affinity group sessions, and more are available to you on the WorkLife Office calendar.
  • Consultations: contact the WorkLife Office about well-being, work, career, community, and family questions. Gather resources and get referral information based on your conversation.
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP): counseling services, articles, and courses are available to you.
  • Resources for parents and guardians: the WorkLife Office website consists of many resources including how to select a child care provider, courses for new parents and caregivers, caregiver groups, lactation rooms, adoption, kinship care, and special needs resources.
  • Resources for caregivers of adult dependents: Whether or not they live in your home, you may be responsible for the health and financial affairs of a parent, grandparent, spouse, or domestic partner. View the list of resources and programs available to you. 

Support for families

  • The Family Email Listserv is a great way to connect with other caregivers and keep up to date about family related events and information. 
  • The Adult Caregiver Affinity Group (including eldercare) is intended to virtually connect MSU faculty and staff who have caregiving responsibilities for adults and those navigating assisting a senior in their life with changing care needs. Meetings are held on the fourth Thursday of the month from noon to 1 p.m during the academic year. See the WorkLife Calendar for the next event. For questions contact
  • The Family Affinity Group is a place for Spartans to connect on family related topics with the goal of connecting, building community, and sharing best practices for caregivers regarding raising or caregiving for children. Meetings are held every second Tuesday of the month from noon to 1 p.m during the academic year. See the WorkLife Calendar for the next event. For questions contact

Supervisor Support on Flexibility and Making Equitable Decisions

The MSU WorkLife Office provides presentations and workshops to colleges, departments, and units at MSU. If you are looking for a way to increase workplace wellbeing and to provide information about important MSU and community resources, or emphasize tools to navigate stress and change, the WorkLife Office is here to help. We hope you reach out to us with questions or needs to We are here for you.