Dependent Care Support is Available

caregiverSometimes one more helper is exactly what you need.

There are lots of hours in a day and it's ok to take a few for you. MSU offers Dependent Care Support for children and elders through a couple of different subsidy options. Book a few hours or a whole work day of care when you need it. 

Traditionally, dependent care (previously referred to as backup care) was used when school was closed or your daycare provider took a day off, but you still needed to get to work. 2020 shifted the entire caregiver spectrum, with closed or reduced capacity, safety concerns and parents/guardians working from home where dependents were also spending their days. The work may have changed, the days may look different, but there is still the need for support — it just looks a little different now. 

Parents/guardians often try to juggle all of the pieces of work and life. There are times when focus on one area is needed. MSU Dependent Care Support Program can help add additional hours to your schedule. 


  • Quiet time to write or research 
  • Create and/or give a presentation 
  • Practice for your dissertation 
  • Attend to an appointment 
  • Give yourself reflection time


Check out the Dependent Care Support Program for Caregiver Support, which has care choices for both children and adult dependents. 

Additional information and resources: