2019 Spring WorkLife Office Satisfaction Survey

people with cutout shapes of cardboard comment boxes in different colorsBy John Girdwood

Thank you to everyone who responded to our 2019 Spring WorkLife Office Satisfaction Survey!  We appreciate your help to keep us informed about our performance. We send out satisfaction surveys twice a year to gather feedback from you and others to help us get better at doing what we enjoy doing so much – helping people across the university.

We distributed an 11-question satisfaction survey to 540 email addresses of those we’ve served since January 2019.  Of those emails, 29 were undeliverable, 24 were out of office, and 1 person had left his non-MSU position.  I’m thrilled to say you were so helpful and we thank you for 95 responses (20% response rate; 95/486), as of this writing, that I will summarize here in a brief report.  We will continue to get responses from those returning to work who are just now receiving the survey link and we will add that data to our ongoing quality reports.

Communicating with the WorkLife Office

We already know email is the primary way that staff and faculty communicate with our office.  If you read our CUWFA news article, you know that 83% of you contacted the WorkLife Office by email last year.  You responded similarly in the satisfaction survey (80%).  Email is also a major way that you learn about WorkLife Office services.  We are happy that you are telling your colleagues about us!  Our newsletter and website are also big hits!

How did you originally learn about the WorkLife Office?

48 colleague, 47 email, 38 WorkLife Newsletter, 35 WorkLife website, 20 poster, 11 social media

Who We Serve

Most of the survey respondents (93%) are employed at MSU but we want to emphasize that we are here to serve partners and spouses, too!  We will be working very hard to connect with partners and spouses this coming academic year.  We have plans to do more outreach and build a better database of partner and spouse resources.  Please make sure you tell your family members about the WorkLife Office!

We know that roughly 56% of employees at MSU are staff and 44% are faculty (msu.edu).  Of those served by the WorkLife Office last year, 62% were staff and the same proportion of staff (62%) replied to the survey.  Our goal is to get as close to the actual ratio of employees as we can.  We did great between December 2018 and March 2019, serving within 5% of the actual ratio for 4 straight months!  We look to maintain that consistency and continue to improve this upcoming year.  To achieve that goal, we’ll need to work hard at reaching faculty this year.  Of course, a lot of faculty take some time off during the summer, which may have caused a low survey response rate by faculty.  We will continue to examine trend data to connect with faculty and staff at times that work best for YOU!

The proportion of faculty and staff served is representative of the percentage of faculty and staff employed.

Types and Methods of Service

The predominant type of service continues to be Family Care.  There are many reasons for this: we provide a lot of family care services (e.g. backup dependent care, elder care, breastfeeding support, childcare search assistance, etc.); our office has historically been a center for family resources; and we deliver several education sessions about family care.  Therefore, the high rate of family care services is to be expected.  The surprising survey result was the high prevalence of Research services provided by our team to staff and faculty!  We will continue to improve the quality of our research and it is clearly a priority for this upcoming year.

Most of the survey respondents are members of a WorkLife Office Listserv.  You can subscribe to any of our lists by sending an email request to worklife@msu.edu

  • WorkLife Office list: Monthly updates from the WLO
  • Parent (family) list: Those interested in resources about children and parenting
  • Eldercare list: Those who have personal or professional interest in the issues of elders
  • Special Needs list: Those who have children with special needs
  • Adoption list: For those considering or pursuing adoption
  • Breastfeeding list: Breastfeeding support including from other breastfeeding mothers
  • Women’s Networking Association list: Information about the monthly WNA meetings

Quality of Service

Overwhelmingly, respondents say that interacting with the WorkLife Office is helpful and beneficial.  Respondents also say WorkLife Office services are relevant, inclusive, practical, and safe.  The feedback was 99% positive and we were happy to see that.  However, we see areas for improvement and know that our goal is to support all faculty and staff by connecting you with resources and helping you navigate multiple roles throughout your workplace, career, and life transitions.  We still have work to do!

Again, thank you for taking the time to complete our satisfaction survey.  It really helps us know what we’re doing right and where we could get better.  We prioritize quality improvement and want to make sure we continue to adjust and reach more faculty and staff with useful resources that are based on quality, inclusiveness, and connectivity.  We strive for excellence, equity, and synergy.  If you ever want to tell us how we are doing – good or bad – please don’t hesitate to drop us a line either generally (worklife@msu.edu) or straight to one of our staff members.  Thank you and Go Green.