2018 Outstanding Supervisor Award Recipients

Composite Image of the five 2018 MSU Outstanding Supervisor Award winners and their employees
2018 Outstanding Supervisor Award Winners and the employees who nominated them, clockwise from top left: Nicklas McLaren, Genevieve Cottrell, Nicholas Drew, Carol Parker, and Niesa Kettler

The MSU WorkLife Office is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2018 Outstanding Supervisor Award. These five recipients from across the University community were recognized for their consistent support of the work-life needs of their employees. This University-wide award has been given each year since 2001.

The recipients were chosen by the Outstanding Supervisor Award Selection Committee, based on the testimonies from their employees’ nomination letters. We have included excerpts of the letters below. Nominating staff and faculty members held surprise celebrations for award recipients in the weeks surrounding National Boss’ Day, which is October 16 each year. The 2018 recipients include:

  • Genevieve Cottrell, Chemical Safety Officer, Environmental Health & Safety

“I often attend meetings with [Genevieve] and every time she speaks as my supervisor, she both impresses me and makes us proud to call her leader. With Gen at the helm, it is easy to stay the course.”

  • Nicholas Drew, Administrative Assistant III/S (Division Administrator), College of Human Medicine – Flint

“Nick treats everyone with dignity and respects the need for work-life balance.”

  • Niesa Kettler, Bacteriology/Mycology Laboratory Supervisor, MSU Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory – Bacteriology

“[Niesa] is always welcoming, caring, accommodating, and she fully understands the needs of her employees, both on the job and outside of work.” 

  • Nicklas McLaren, Senior Director of Development and Alumni Relations, Associate Vice President for University Development

“Nick has an outstanding work ethic, a collaborative nature, strategic mind, and most importantly, he has used all of these qualities to build a highly productive and loyal team at Michigan State University.”

  • Dr. Carol Parker, Executive Director, Office of Academic Affairs, College of Human Medicine

“Carol is sensitive to the full spectrum of her employees’ needs, acknowledging the multiple roles we each navigate, whether we are dealing with elder, partner or childcare issues or pursuing our own work-life goals. She respects the differences between us, and expects us to do the same.”

MSU shows business acumen in providing work-life services, such as those provided by the WorkLife Office, as such services have been shown to improve recruitment and retention of quality employees. When sincere consideration is given to an individual’s personal responsibilities outside of the job, absenteeism may be reduced and morale and productivity are improved.

The MSU WorkLife Office is proud to support and celebrate leaders at Michigan State University who manage their work environments in a way that honors work and personal lives. Thank you to all who make Michigan State a great place to work.

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