John Girdwood
There is no better place to be than smack dab the middle of our beautiful MSU campus, and I’m thrilled to be here now serving you as Research and Education Program Coordinator at the WorkLife Office!
children learning about recycling at Community, Food & Environment Institute
Michigan State University fully embraced this year’s theme of “envision your future” during Take Your Child to Work Day on April 25. More than 30 units across campus participated in Take Your Child to Work Day this year.
2019 group of international newcomers along with their America matches at the end of year potluck
The International Newcomer Mentoring Pilot Program matched community volunteer mentors and international faculty newcomers for several months, to ease the transition to the U.S., Michigan and MSU. Community mentors learned about the international newcomer’s culture, traditions and rich ideas that they bring to the East Lansing and MSU community.
people at a table with their computers
The MSU WorkLife Office offers presentations to groups of faculty and staff on a variety of topics. Many of these presentations are given during staff meetings or other meetings where staff or faculty gather. One of the most requested presentations is, “Finding Your WorkLife Fit”. “Finding Your WorkLife Fit,” focuses on how to manage the multiple roles in ones life.
The “Art” of Thinking, The way we think, influences how we feel. The way we feel, influences how we behave. Our thoughts are ours to own. Control thoughts by using the “Stop Technique”
Todd Bradley and Carrie Galdes from MSU HR highlighted how the T-shaped professional - with both depth of knowledge and breadth of application - can contribute to a team by bringing the deep knowledge of an area to creative connection with team members across disciplines.
a large group of teens sitting on a hill
It’s no secret that children all over the world will be gearing up to attend summer camps in a few months, and while that’s exciting, there are some things that we need to discuss when it comes to safety and preventative measures.
graph showing how perspective taking loops through doing and reflection while also impacting your interpersonal understanding and how the other parties feel
Through a cycle of taking the other’s perspective, “doing” or responding based on that perspective, and reflecting on the whole process, we come to a less conflictual and more constructive path forward. The March 21 follow-up workshop, “Perspective Taking: Multiple Paths to Understanding” focused on various paths through which we can understand this idea.
a large group of children standing
Thursday, April 25, 2019 is Take Your Child to Work Day. We invite all MSU staff, faculty, and administrators to bring a child in their lives (child, neighbor, niece, nephew, grandchild etc.) to envision their futures, and to explore the variety of careers MSU offers.
Children and teens, ages 8-16, are invited to explore careers in the following ways (and these are just a few!)
bikes in front of the MSU Bike repair shop
Did you know that an hour worth of cycling can add an extra hour on to your life? Or that 77 percent of people experience, on a regular basis, physical symptoms due to stress? Here at the WorkLife Office, we believe that an integral part of achieving a less stressful, cohesive work life balance is self-care.
boy with a cape and a superhero pose
April is the month that many summer camp listings come out. Trust me, you want to do your research early in order to secure the camps your kiddos are interested in.