butterflies displayed in a scene
Artist Zahrah Resh is collaborating with the public to create an East Lansing iteration of her award-winning butterfly garden, in partnership with MSU's AgeAlive program, at the MSU Broad Art Lab.
Jaimie, Haiden and Wayne Hutchison near the water
Research shows that Americans work more hours than anyone in the industrialized world. We need to be sure we are taking care of our physical, emotional, and relationship health. 
kid on a bike with a backpack and helmet
Research has shown that a student’s skills and knowledge often deteriorate during the summer months. Some kids like their screens so much that their activity declines, often leading to weight gain. Academic activity during the summer months can improve achievement.
people with cutout shapes of cardboard comment boxes in different colors
Thank you to everyone who responded to our 2019 Spring WorkLife Office Satisfaction Survey!  We appreciate your help to keep us informed about our performance. We send out satisfaction surveys twice a year to gather feedback from you and others to help us get better at doing what we enjoy doing so much – helping people across the university.
Scrabble style letter blocks that spell SEARCH
The best part about my current role is that I use all my previous experiences when assisting faculty and staff. You never know what resource will be needed or what individual scenario will arise on any given day. I love that about my current career. I get to use the skills I have acquired in order to help you as you consider your own career trajectory.
The WorkLife office team standing near their presentation poster for the CUWFA Conference. Left to Right: Jaimie Hutchison, John Girdwood, Barbara Roberts, Lydia Weiss
The team presented a poster titled, “Innovation in Worklife Metrics: Work Made Visible!” It was a well-attended and popular presentation that told a story using data about the WorkLife Office utilization, methods of contact, and types of services provided.
John Girdwood
There is no better place to be than smack dab the middle of our beautiful MSU campus, and I’m thrilled to be here now serving you as Research and Education Program Coordinator at the WorkLife Office!
children learning about recycling at Community, Food & Environment Institute
Michigan State University fully embraced this year’s theme of “envision your future” during Take Your Child to Work Day on April 25. More than 30 units across campus participated in Take Your Child to Work Day this year.
2019 group of international newcomers along with their America matches at the end of year potluck
The International Newcomer Mentoring Pilot Program matched community volunteer mentors and international faculty newcomers for several months, to ease the transition to the U.S., Michigan and MSU. Community mentors learned about the international newcomer’s culture, traditions and rich ideas that they bring to the East Lansing and MSU community.
people at a table with their computers
The MSU WorkLife Office offers presentations to groups of faculty and staff on a variety of topics. Many of these presentations are given during staff meetings or other meetings where staff or faculty gather. One of the most requested presentations is, “Finding Your WorkLife Fit”. “Finding Your WorkLife Fit,” focuses on how to manage the multiple roles in ones life.