Barbara Roberts introducing Debra Dubow during the Creating a Culture of Trust in the Workplace Event
“Creating a Culture of Trust in the Workplace” was facilitated by Debra Dubow as follow-up to the WorkLife Office October conference. Debra is an experienced organizational development consultant and has worked with Roche-Genentech, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and Eastern Michigan University, among others. Her experience facilitating creative thinking in large organizations was evident in how she ran the session, and the event was rich with strategies to take away and apply.
Take your Child to Work Day save the date of April 25
Save the date for Take your Child to Work Day on April 25. The WorkLife Office is coordinating a number of activities geared toward kids ages 8-16. We invite staff, faculty, and administrators to bring children (or nieces, nephews, grandchildren, neighbors), to campus that day, to explore careers.
board game with dice and the word start
Welcome to March! The month we begin to hope that spring is right around the corner. For those of you with children, you may be wondering what to do for spring break, even if you are not going anywhere for a vacation. Here are some tips for everyone who plans to take some time off this spring, or even enjoy their weekends to the fullest near home. When we think about work-life fit, we have to remember the LIFE part and enjoy it to the fullest.
Lydia Weiss
Congratulations to Lydia Weiss on her new position as the Climate and Response Specialist at the Prevention, Outreach and Education Department! The MSU WorkLife Office thanks Lydia for all of her great work and years of service. Lydia leaves a legacy of accomplishments with the WorkLife Office including the Reflect and Connect series, the Women’s Networking Association, the Academic Women’s Forum and a number of high-quality educational programs that have enriched the MSU community. 
living room space to add interest
Can you imagine trying to find a place to live in a new city? What about a new country? Where would you connect to people with similar interests? Where would you shop or do your banking? What about enrolling your kids in schools or daycare centers?
infant foot
Decades of research and consideration of national policy went in to the establishment of the MSU Breastfeeding Guidelines, which were MSU’s response to the provisions in the Affordable Care Act. 
person sitting and holding up a red square with frown face drawn on it
Organizational psychologists make the case that organizations do best when the leadership pays attention to the emotional needs of their employees and show compassion. Compassion in the workplace is crucial to building a trusting environment where psychological safety is at the forefront.
conversation hearts that say, "Let's Talk"
You may have heard the WorkLife Office staff talk about “consultations” as a service that is available to you as a staff or faculty member at MSU. But what exactly is a consultation and how can it help you?
paper cutout of an apple with the word health on it
Working at MSU has its perks – the beautiful Red Cedar River, hundreds of species of trees and exciting sporting events are among the many. You may not be aware that MSU offers many options to assist you in your journey of wellness, physical or otherwise.
giant puzzle pieces
Connecting with people and organizations that are meaningful to you can be a game changer for your career and personal success. At the WorkLife Office, we know how important it is to build your network in order to advance your career.