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It is easy to focus on what is lost - time, people, opportunity, warm weather. The close of the year brings twenty something different holidays, depending on your religion, culture, and family birthday schedule. While these holidays are a reason to pause and celebrate, they can also be a reflection of happier moments. 
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Outstanding supervisors are important because they truly transform a workplace. In these difficult times, working can feel strenuous, stressful, and there can be a lack of morale among employees. A supportive supervisor who brings balance to the office is incredibly beneficial for all workers. 
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AgeAlive is an established program within Michigan State University's College of Osteopathic Medicine, which has been supported by the WorkLife Office. We seek to leverage and expand MSU's assets related to aging, including research, education, training, service, and outreach spanning all disciplines across all MSU units, and have successfully met the criteria to designate MSU as an Age Friendly University.
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The WorkLife Office is a strong advocate of support for Spartans who are caregivers. We appreciate the struggles, we see the challenges, and we are here for you. Now more than ever, we want to be sure you are aware of our childcare and eldercare options and resources. 
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Nominations may be made by MSU faculty, staff, administrators, alumni, students, retirees, or community members. Only one nomination can be submitted per entry, however you may make as many entries as you like.
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Town & Gown offers weekly presentations on a wide range of fascinating topics with time for discussion.  Sessions presented by MSU faculty will be held Tuesdays from 5:00-6:30PM via Zoom.
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Recently a friend asked me for recommendations on productivity techniques and resources. Pulling links to some my favorites I came across a video featuring, “The Highlight” and it sparked the reminder of a conversation with John Zeratsky, co-author of the book “Make Time”, whose strongest recommendation was to choose a highlight for each day.
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Clutter represents more than an inconvenience. It has a real physiological effect on the human brain, to such an extent that even seeing clutter can cause the stress hormone cortisol to spike. 
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Why are family friendly policies so important? What value do caregivers bring to the workforce? In the US workforce, 17% are caregivers for adults over the age of 18 and 33% of the workforce are parents of children under 18 who live at home.  One third to one half of the entire workforce have a caregiving role.
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Do you remember the “BBC Dad,” Robert Kelly reporting from home on international relations in a live interview when his toddler came marching in behind him playing an imaginary instrument and his younger child came cruising through the door in their walker? This video went viral in 2017 and had a resurgence during COVID when many people found themselves working from home with their children at home as well. Why did it go viral in 2017 and again in 2020? Because so many of us could relate.