The challenges and stresses facing parents and caregivers at this time are staggering. With COVID numbers on the rise, schools going online and talks of returns to campus, parents and caregivers are running out of options faster than they can create solutions. That means MSU stands to lose valued employees for lack of childcare resources.
Author: Jeff Hollenbeck, Chief Investment Officer, ACE Financial Advisors
With so many possibilities and avenues to explore, it can be challenging to set-up or organize a game-plan to achieve your financial goals. The most important step is usually the most difficult one, and that’s getting STARTED. It’s one thing to have an idea of ‘what you want’ and ‘when you want it’, but it’s another thing to write them down and put a plan into action.
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For many, the pandemic has shrunk our circles of support. For others, it has magnified our family and couple time adding lots of togetherness. Our relationships outside of our homes have been stressed due to being isolated from one another. This is a huge shift in how we interact. How are your relationships going?
It’s an unpleasant scenario to imagine, but the reality is that very few of us experience a linear, upward-trending income scale throughout the course of our working lives. For one reason or another, it’s likely that we experience at least one year of a drop in wage or salary (or several years of fluctuation) which requires us to be nimble and adaptive. Especially with today’s uncertainty surrounding the Coronavirus, the closing & re-opening of the economy, and other societal influences, it’s important to be prepared and set yourself up for success no matter what ‘curveball’ life has to throw at you.
Many employees are working from home, others are essential and are working in person, and some are preparing to return to campus for research or other allowable ventures. Where does this leave our teams? It can be a challenge to maintain the team morale and connectedness with so many changes and challenges occurring. How can you keep your team connected?
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Across the university parents are trying to find solutions to childcare, many of them juggling work and parenting in one consistently running 24 hour loop. It can be exhausting. If you need help there are a couple of options available to you for in-home care providers. 
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“Turns out there was one - and only one - characteristic that distinguishes the happiest 10 percent from everybody else: the strength of their social relationships,”
We know that there is a lot of uncertainty in the world today. And just as we have for more than 100 years, TIAA is here to help you.
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Sometimes people use the phrase, “I am so burnt out,” to mean that they are overwhelmed, and the stress is getting to be too much. But what exactly is burnout? Burnout is a state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress. It occurs when you feel overwhelmed, emotionally drained, and unable to meet constant demands. 
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We all struggle with new ways of communicating, learning, and working together in this virtual online world. The WorkLife Office tackled some of the challenges in a webinar on April 7, 2020 titled “Perspective Taking, Revisited: Multiple Paths to Understanding”.