Manager Resources

Nuts and Bolts

For detailed information on the nuts and bolts of personnel administration at MSU, refer to the Human Resources Toolkits for Administrators, Managers & Supervisors, found here: This site can help you with criminal background checks, hiring, payroll, reclassification and more.

Academic Human Resources provides information on faculty development, strategic planning, equitable hiring practices and more. Visit for additional information. This site also links with Academic Governance,, where information is available on processes, committees, meeting schedules and reports.

Flexible Work Arrangements

There are many resources to help you explore and understand how flexibility in scheduling can work to the benefit of the staff or faculty member and the department. These resources are useful to both the manager/administrator and to staff and faculty trying to develop flexible arrangements. Knowing what to consider in the larger picture, issues to be aware of/account for, and how to have a conversation that is objective, productive and empathetic are helpful in making a work arrangement that works for your unit. The WorkLife Office Flexible Work Arrangements page provides a great introduction and links to additional information that is particularly useful. Instructions for Developing a Flexible Work Arrangement are available through the WorkLife Office to help both managers and employees get started on exploring flexible work arrangements. You can also find Sample Letters and Forms. Visit to learn more.

Leave Time

It is important for administrators to set the tone for a healthy use of leave time and benefit options when managing workload considerations and the intersection of people’s personal lives with work. Discover the leave provisions that are available to use in navigating a healthy fit between work and personal lives, and keep your staff and faculty healthy!


Faculty & Academic Staff

Mental Health

If you or a staff or faculty member is seeking mental health support services, Michigan State University offers free, confidential counseling and consultation to all faculty, staff, post-docs and their families through the Employee Assistance Program. These resources are also available to you as a manager when trying to sort out helpful approaches to situations involving the mental health of people in your unit. Learn about depression, anxiety, PTSD and other conditions that may affect performance at work, and how to be helpful. Find out more at

Conflict Resolution

Need help with a workplace conflict? Hoping to avoid a grievance, while still addressing a problem? Need advice to help sort out a department issue? You don’t need to be headed for mediation before contacting the Faculty Grievance Office. For information, resources, and preventive help, check out

The Office of the University Ombudsperson can assist faculty and staff in resolving student issues and concerns as they relate to university rules and regulations. You can refer faculty and staff to the Ombudsperson when they are struggling with student-related conflict. More information is available at:


For assistance with understanding, requesting and/or implementing accommodations for disabilities or chronic illnesses for yourself or staff and faculty in your unit, contact the Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities. The services, resources, and available accommodations can be found on their website at: