International Newcomer Mentoring Program

participants of the pilot year of the International Newcomer Matching ProgramNew international faculty or academic specialists are invited to participate in the MSU WorkLife Office International Newcomer Matching Program.

Participants may be single, married, or have children. The goal is for the local volunteer family to assist the international newcomer and/or family settle into our community. The expectation is that the local family will meet the newcomer and/or family at least once for dinner out or host them and have contact at least once a month or as needed to provide information on MSU, the local community, things to do, etc. There will also be an orientation for the newcomers and the volunteer families.

Program Description

The International Newcomer Matching Program can help with the transition of MSU faculty and academic specialist when moving to the community from a different country. Volunteers from the Alumni Association and the Retiree Association will be matched to a newcomer faculty or academic specialists to help the new family ease into their new life within the surrounding community. Volunteers are recruited through the WorkLife Office and Alumni Relations. Participants are recruited through the colleges, Human Resources (HR), Academic Human Resources (AHR), and Academic Advancement Network (AAN). Both volunteers and participants must apply and will be matched by the WorkLife Office based on common interests, similar faiths, similar neighborhoods or other commonalities based on application. Orientation to the program will be provided before mentoring takes place.

Universal Expectations

  • Respect all persons without regard to race, color, national origin, ethnicity, sex, religion, sexual orientation, marital status, age, political opinion, immigration status, or disability.
  • Seek appropriate guidance and direction when faced with ethical dilemmas.
  • Respect each other’s right to privacy. Openly express information candidly (e.g. dietary restrictions, smoking or non-smoking, time available, etc.).
  • Provide feedback about the program to the WorkLife Office.
  • Participants are required by law to report any mention of suspicion of child abuse, neglect, or anything else that leads them to be concerned about a child’s welfare. Participant should direct these suspicions to the WorkLife Office.
  • Participant should be familiar with the sexual assault and relationship violence policy.
  • Participant should direct any suspicion to the WorkLife Office.

Volunteer Expectations

  • Volunteer must know the community well enough to give information and support.
  • Communicate any issues or concerns which are likely to affect your volunteer duties.
  • Volunteer cannot help with financial, immigration, academic, employment, health, or significant adjustment issues. If you need assistance with these concerns, contact the WorkLife Office.

Volunteer Job Description

  • Volunteer will report to the WorkLife Office Volunteer should expect to participate for the first semester after the newcomer has arrived.
  • Volunteer may exceed the first semester if mutually agreed with the participant.
  • Volunteers must reach out and contact newcomer.
  • Volunteer should contact newcomer by phone, email, or face-to-face meetings.
  • Preferences should be mentioned to newcomer.
  • Volunteer will answer questions to the best of their ability and seek guidance when a question is unknown Volunteer should learn about participant’s hobbies, interests, etc.
  • Volunteer should host at least one meal with participant (in home, at restaurant, etc.)
  • Volunteer should inform participant of community events going on in surrounding area.

Read about the pilot year of the program.

Sign up to participate in the International Newcomer Mentoring Program

Contact the WorkLife Office if you have any questions. We are very excited to provide this pilot in order to ease transitions for our new faculty and academic specialists. If interested, please forward me the contact information of an international newcomer, I will reach out to them regarding the application and further information.

Thank you so much for helping to make MSU an even greater place to work!