Michigan State University offers two approved retirement plan vendorsFidelity Investments and TIAA.  MSU Human Resources has compiled an outstanding "Retirement Plans Enrollment Guide" (updated as recently as Jan 2020).  The WorkLife Office is here to help you make sense of it all, supporting you as you navigate your financial journey and career!


As an MSU employee - faculty or support staff - you have the benefit of scheduling personal consultations with a specialist in East Lansing.  Click here to schedule a consultation that fits your schedule!


SPECIAL COVID-19 RESOURCE: Guiding You through Turbulent Times

Why should I schedule a financial consultation?

TIAA has provided us with the Top 10 reasons to meet with a financial consultant.  Click here for the detailed PDF (requires MSU NetID) or keep reading below.

  1. It's free!
  2. Convenient locations
  3. Consultants are local
  4. It's only 1 hour
  5. Consultants are there for one reason: To support you!
  6. Your account balance doesn't matter
  7. The advice is objective and plenty of options are available to you
  8. Boost your confidence
  9. Retirement plan focus
  10. Include outside assets

Click here to schedule a consultation

For Deans, Directors, Chairs, and Supervisors

You can bring TIAA to present to your team!  Check out this list of available workshops (requires MSU NetID).  If you'd like to set up a group presentation, workshop, or webinar - please send an email to or you can fill out our online request form here, choose "Request a Workshop," then "Customized Workshop" and enter in the details or title of the Financial Essentials workshop to support your team!

Fidelity Investments

MSU Human Resources has more information about Fidelity Investments.  The WorkLife Office is happy to provide you options!  If you would like to schedule an appointment with Fidelity Investments, click here or visit  Fidelity Investments can guide you on:

  • Saving
  • Budgeting
  • Retirement

Fidelity Investments has some great information and tools on their website, for example:

Get Started Today!

The WorkLife Office encourages you to use the resources freely available to you!  If you would like to chat with a WorkLife team member at MSU first, please click here to request a consultation, send an email to or call us at (517) 353-1635.  Let's talk!