Your Family

The MSU WorkLife Office is committed to providing information and resources for all of your family care needs.

Resources include, but are not limited to:

  • Consultation to determine the best care for you and your family’s needs
  • Identifying quality childcare, including sick and emergency care
  • Sharing best practices for eldercare and caregiver support services

No matter your unique situation, family composition, or caregiver roles, the staff at the WorkLife Office are happy to help you find solutions that fit your lifestyle.

MSU Backup Dependent Care is available for dependent children and elders of MSU affiliates.

Read about other MSU families in Spotlight Stories

Spotlight Stories highlights Spartans and issues that are important to the MSU WorkLife Office. The series is starting with new parents raising infants and breastfeeding. Other topics to come will include building community at MSU, eldercare, flex schedules, raising teens and more. The goal is to build community at MSU, show people they are not alone, bring awareness to important stages of the lifespan and promote a family-friendly workplace and family-friendly policies.