WNA: Taming Imposter Syndrome


Women's Networking Association Presents: Taming Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome is real!  I promise you are not alone in feeling like your success is due to luck, faking/faithing it, or any other gremlin that enjoys taking up residence in the back of your mind.  Women, especially high-achieving women, are more likely to have feelings of inadequacy even though our successes are well documented.  During our time together, we’ll dig into what Imposter Syndrome is and we’ll walk alongside each other to learn ways to remove the power of the gremlins that hinder harnessing success and self-love.

Learning Objectives:

1.      Understand what Imposter Syndrome is and the destructiveness it can cause in your life

2.      Strategies to identify when you are experiencing Imposter Syndrome symptoms

3.      Learn techniques for taming Imposter Syndrome self-talk

Guests will be equipped with 3 questions that they can ask themselves when feelings of Imposter Syndrome arise so they can tame that beast.

About the Speaker

Amy Pierce-Danders is the founder of E³ Coaching Studio where the sole driver is to act as a guide to help humans uncover their purposes and passions so they can live an unapologetic life that is harmonious with their soul, especially related to one’s career journey. As a Career+Life Strategist, she believes every member of humanity is unique; our lived experiences, background, and natural gifts tell a story and sometimes we need to add a member to our tribe to help us craft a chapter – or a book. Amy helps move one’s presence and purpose into action.

Amy is also an Adjunct Faculty member on the Grand Valley State University Career Center team where she enjoys helping students and alumni investigate their future selves while embracing their authentic beings. She also adores working with faculty to integrate career awareness and readiness into their courses.

Amy has helped over 2,500 people in their Career+Life journey; walking alongside people as they determine career and/or life direction, designing professional toolkit documents such as resumes, cover letters, etc., guiding people on the process of an effective job search, and helping people build their confidence in all things Career+Life.

In addition to coaching, Amy has an extensive background in training and development delivering impactful career development and workforce readiness programs to 100+ K-12 and higher education communities, human resources professionals, non-profit associations, and the business community as a whole.

As a believer in education, Amy is certified as a Certified Career Services Professional (CCSP) (National Career Development Association) Instructor and Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF) (Center for Credentialing Education) Master Trainer. She also has a MBA; Strategic Management (Davenport University), BA; Organizational Development (Spring Arbor University), and AA; Business (Grand Rapids Community College)