Value Guided Action (Academic Women's Forum)

Chittenden Hall, Room 110 (466 West Circle Drive)



Sometimes, when life is coming at you, fast and furious, we can be tempted to take what seems like the easiest way forward in the moment. We procrastinate, hesitate to use our voice, numb our feelings, and even camp out in Netflix for the whole weekend. How do we keep going? How do we decide to use our time/energy/resources in service to our core values? It is easier to help yourself be brave or dedicated to a cause in the moment if you are clear about what matters most and you have the skills to notice and align with your values on a day-to-day basis. Come explore ways to live your academic life with value-guided, committed action. 

Presenter: Lisa Laughman, Employee Assistance Program/Health4U



The Academic Women's Forum is co-sponsored by the WorkLife Office, Academic Advancement Network, Office of the University Physician-Health4U, and Graduate Student Life and Wellness. 

Image of Academic Women's Forum fall seminar flyer