Family Affinity Group: Building Early Emotional Skills Series


Family Affinity Group: Building Early Emotional Skills Series

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Building Early Emotional Skills (BEES) is a research-based parenting curriculum for parents and caregivers of children 0-3. The BEES curriculum is an active, hands-on tool to teach parents about how young children develop social emotional skills and helps give parents skills to deal with parenting stress.

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Topics covered in the curriculum include:

  • Parent’s temperament and stress
  • Child’s temperament and “fit” between parent and child temperament
  • “Family movies” and managing feelings
  • Being reflective about my child’s feelings and my feelings
  • Emotion coaching—Responding to my child’s feelings
  • Reducing biting, conflict, and frustrations
  • Handling tantrums
  • Building a solid foundation for tomorrow 

About the Speaker:


Kylie received her Bachelor’s Degree from Central Michigan University in Child Development and Psychology and completed a Master’s Degree in Family Life and Youth Education with a concentration in Parent Education from North Carolina State University. She is recognized as a Certified Family Life Educator through the National Council on Family Relations.

With experience teaching young children, providing in-home support in the areas of child development, parenting, family engagement, and facilitating group-based educational programs, Kylie specializes in early childhood development and parenting education. Kylie continues to work with families with a passion for informing and empowering parents and caregivers to provide developmentally appropriate, stimulating and positive environments and experiences for the benefit of their young children.