Eat Lunch with Newly Hired MSU Employees!

12:00 pm - 1 pm
113 Linton Hall; 479 W Circle Dr

Welcome to the new semester!  We encourage anyone who is not familiar with the WorkLife Office to come and learn about our staff and programs during this informative session.

One of the most helpful actions any new faculty or staff member can experience is to meet existing employees here at Michigan State. If you are new or a longtime Spartan, make an effort to come have lunch in a group setting. You might make a few new friends!

Did you know that about 900 new Spartans join as faculty and staff each year?  If you are a new or longtime Spartan, come have lunch with us!  Learn about the WorkLife Office services.  We're located in the oldest educational building on campus.  Bring a lunch and come join us in Linton Hall for an hour to learn about the WorkLife Office at Michigan State University.

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We will not be using Zoom for this session as there were no Zoom registrants.

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