International Networking WEBINAR

8:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.

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Please download this "New to MSU" guide to get started!  (Requires MSU NetID to access)

  • 830a Welcome and Introductions from Resident Experts
    • Antoinette and Stuart Tessmer (Faculty and Volunteer Mentors for International Newcomers)
    • Brooke Stokdyk, Assistant Director, Office for International Students and Scholars
    • Neringa Tuyilingire, International Student and Scholar Advisor, Office for International Students and Scholars
    • Cindy Leverich, Director of Academic Leadership Development, Academic Advancement Network
    • Barbara Roberts, Executive Director, WorkLife Office
  • 850a Introductions from the Panelists
    • Paoline Prevost (post-doc)
    • Ramjee Ghimire (post-doc)
    • S. Shawn Wei (Endowed Assistant Professor of Geological Sciences)
  • 9a Questions to Panel

As you look back upon your experiences at MSU since your arrival, do you feel that your place of origin, ethnicity, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age and/or ability/disability or other personal characteristics affected your experiences as a newcomer to MSU? If so, could you describe your experience and how your identity or identities impacted you?

Considering the ways in which people are identified by others and how people choose to identify, how did your identity or identities impact your experience as a new faculty or staff member at MSU?

When you were a newcomer, in your experience - What did you notice, what stood out for you, what helped you, what funny things happened to you, what did you find difficult...?

Talk about the shared experience of those who are formerly “new”-comers. The panelists have experience to offer/share with the participants, which will stimulate questions to the panel from the group.

  • 945a Questions from Attendees
    • Barbara Roberts will facilitate an interactive session
  • 1015a Summary
  • 1030a End of Webinar

Join the conversation

Open to faculty, staff, scholars and post-docs.

You should join by Zoom if you have: 

  • Lived outside the U.S. for an extended period of time before accepting employment at MSU
  • Never lived or worked in the U.S. before
  • Studied in the U.S. but have never worked in the U.S. before
  • Or, if you are a faculty, staff, scholar or post-doc with an international background, no matter how long you've been in the U.S. 

More about our guests

Neringa Tuyilingire advises MSU departments and employees on the H-1B and MSU Employment-Based Permanent Residency process, prepares and submits H-1B applications on behalf of MSU, and liaises with immigration attorneys on MSU Employment-Based Permanent Residency applications.  She will be on-hand to address any questions related to H-1B or Permanent Residency during the panel or table discussions.

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